Dear Lujan,

I hope you are well and thriving! I follow Parallel Perception posts and read the Whisperings of the Dragon. Reading now The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception.

Whisperings of the Dragon is a delicious gift. Thank you for that! The breath attention is a daily presence, also awareness of the voice and the feeling of surroundings as communion. I have stalked that way many scenes and emotions from my life and am aware of the liberating effect of inner emptiness or silence.

I decided to ask you about dreaming, something I have done a lot since childhood (lucid dreams, repetitive dreams, controlled dreams, clairvoyant dreams, if one can call them that way) and lately even awake dreaming, (which has different forms, some lucid sleep-alike dreams but awake, some like a feeling/knowing that a person is going to die soon, even if they look fine).

I feel now that I would like to understand dreaming better and wonder about the interpretation of dreams. I would be grateful if you let me know what you think about the following which is just a recent example:

I talked to a person I don’t really know online. Then I dreamed concrete situations, people and events. Later, it appeared that i have dreamed precise people and events in this person’s world, such as his mother, his friend, her mother, their situations and their characters as they are in reality. Some were alive, some had died recently. But everything I dreamed corresponded literally ‘reality’. I knew nothing about these people, I realized that the dreams were ‘true’ when this person told me about these people and showed me pictures, not knowing about my dreams.

So, now I wonder, have I dreamed this person’s subconscious or have I dreamed/tapped into realities independent of his ‘mind’? What is the explanation for these baffling in their insight dreams?

Thank you in advance!

Warmest regards,

As far as the obsession with wanting to have control over dreams or seek validation within the sphere of an unknowable part of oneself; this is only looking for self-gratification.

We all must let go of this sense of searching for power. We must allow the very delicate threads of communion to identify themselves to us within our waking world as genuine whisperings that are spoken unconsciously, straight from the virtual heart space that acknowledges individual existence and simultaneously is collectively known.

You must understand that I am looking at your question, not only from social validation, but the program. It has taught us to respond in a way that is self-validating within its own reflection.

The path of a warrior is to  glean the subtleties of that which they cannot see nor know. Yet verbalize the unforeseeable through the words spoken directly from one’s heart center. Listening to this gives credence to “we are one”.

As you watch your feelings and speak the words that you tentatively listen to, they are not thought upon, nor are they possessed, for you have no idea where they have come from. Until your consciousness looks beyond the program and discovers the mysteries that awaken one’s insight that the way to travel upon this path is to become insignificant, especially to one’s self-identity.

So even if you discover your dreams have revealed to you, by revealing to me your dream you speak of what you have seen and all the corresponding congratulatory tones behind that. This is the first thing you must release yourself from. You must realize your wonders of wonders are yours alone and that mystery will not unfold if you cannot see the treasures deeply embedded within it by virtue of not speaking about it.

I do not say this in an air of condemnation, nor blame towards your inquiry. If you see it this way it is only your program reflecting on its need to be seen and if that is truly not there you veritably will disappear and upon that point understand everything that I have said.

In true humbleness one comes upon themselves, vanishing, never to be seen again, yet eternally available.

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