A friend asked me recently where this story originated and its meaning so I have taken this excerpt out of “Shadows in the Twilight”.

I first spoke about this in the documentary The Cosmic Giggle and it was actually something I became aware of when I had a vision of Jesus. I have written about this in The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception.

I hope everyone enjoys this altered perspective.

The Heart of Hearts

Excerpted from Shadows in the Twilight: Conversations with a Shaman.


Now Bill, I would like you to take a look at this well-known story as if it was an artifact in terms of your recollection of it. You see, what I am going to do now is give you a different version of what you have been told is a truth. The tale I am to tell will awaken a perspective that will speak to your heart and dissolve that solidified mindset which has been conjured into a belief system through repetition. Let’s observe the story of the crucifixion of Christ and change your viewpoint so the artifact can become fluid instead of fixed.

When Jesus was on the cross being tortured, it is said that he cried out to the heavens, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

This seemingly simple account in itself is the first conjuring. The visual image of Jesus looking to the sky implies that he is addressing a powerful being, seemingly separate and apart from him, that has at this point withdrawn care and love. This epitomizes the predator’s strategy, conjuring a fundamental dynamic of separation, abandonment and fear, and giving the message that we are divided, within and without.

In actuality, this man would have been looking down, into the hearts of those who loved him, they who were paralyzed by grief and dread, unable to voice their opposition to the atrocity that was being enacted, for if they did they would have been punished for speaking their truth by the governing forces who would have subjected them to a similar fate.

Simultaneously Jesus was viewing the corrupted hearts that believed their actions were justified. Here is where he realized how they had forsaken their truth, to the point where they were prepared to murder him, to extinguish something beautiful whose only purpose was to reveal where the darkness had stolen so much light.

Truly, what this man was saying was: “Oh my beloved, my heart of hearts, why dost thou forsake me?” What is essentially being revealed in this scripture is this question: “Why would the heart of another, which exists within all of us, wish to harm?”

You can see that this is an altogether different message to the one we have repeatedly been given. This deliberately corrupted portrayal of the divine is an overused stimulus to divide people and make us self- righteous, divorcing us from our innocence, which inherently recognizes unity. We must be determined to walk a clear path with heart, instead of being dragged into petty power struggles, which feed back into the illusion of duality and separation that further weakens us and blinds us to our true potential.

The foundation of dualism has been applied in so many different scenarios to control the masses. The central message being enforced over the ages is: Do what we tell you or bear the consequences. We are being herded like sheep via this ongoing cultivation of fear, away from our true potential: The realization of our heart of hearts.

When you are commanded to do what shouldn’t be done, if you comply it is due to the fact that you fear the consequences of being harmed, ostracized or ridiculed. We have been so finely caged that we don’t even know we have been caught. We see the cage, which is our corrupted behavior, as our freedom, as though it is our absolute right to operate from a covert and unintegral basis. A predatorial construct entraps us within our sense of self-righteousness.

Our rights really have nothing to do with the reason we are acting this way. Social conditioning has everything to do with the manipulation of truth to maintain control and hold our existence within a labyrinth so complex that the only way we will escape is to wake up to our hearts. We need to more deeply understand what is occurring within the matrix of our living perceptions, so as to free our selves from the never-ending loop of compliance being pressed upon us by beings, both organic and inorganic, that see us as an energetic resource.

With the four books I have written, I want to purposely incite resolution, so that people can come to an understanding of what’s really occurring and realize that we have to take back our energetic sovereignty in all circumstances, whether in dreaming or in the waking world. It is time we came back to our central simplicity, our essential nature as human beings, which opens us up to a vast universal awareness that is our true attention.


That was a beautiful story. It certainly got me thinking.

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