Dear Lujan,

Last week during my meditation the Kundalini started to work through my body again. It was quite strong and a lot of body-sensations occurred because of it. Most of it was good to handle for me this time.

My husband and I did and still do the Dragons Tear’s movements almost every day and this helps me to spread the moving and developing energy in a gentle way. Today it moved through the throat and crown, which was an exciting experience. I´m still not able to write concentrated, so sorry for possibly incorrect writing.

Beside the body-aching that it causes from time to time, the most beautiful thing is, that I can feel the Dragons Tear´s gestures in my body and it feels like caressing myself by leading the energy with my hands from the pelvic base through my body.

At the moment I´m able to handle it, but all I know is that it´s good to relax, when it occurs and to have somebody in contact, that knows this process. So, I´d like to ask you, if you can give some helpful advice to go through as easy as possible.

With love

There are six major rings in the body. Four are horizontal, one is vertical and the sixth is off on a forty-five degree angle behind the crown but this is variable. They are intimately related to the dantien. The dantien also has  eight of its own. They are all interdependent. They have clockwise and anti-clockwise rotational variability.

There are three vertical pillars inside of the body. One that travels directly from the crown to the perineum. The other two are aligned with the left and right armpit and groin regions.

There are three girdles. The first one is your hips that are slightly tucked up. The second is the flat shoulders, which are held by the relaxed shoulder blades, and the third is the tucked in chin.

If these alignments are correct then there will be an elongation of the spine. This is crucial for energy flow. When all of the rotational fulcrums are aligned then the central channel will naturally open then this will be done without trying once the effort has been made to secure this alignment through being consciously aware of it.

If this is taken into full consideration then the practitioner has no need to be aware of the rings. They will naturally be turned on via the natural coordination of the bones through the movements of Dragon’s Tears.

If there is any congestion in any part of the neuro-lymphatic system it will trigger a pain response via the fact that the nerve plexus associated with that area of the body experiences an accumulation of acid, which is known as acidosis. Once you become aware of this know that at this point you must change your diet to a more alkaline intake – primarily fruit, 80-90 percent, with a small intake of salad with avocado and cooked vegetables to slow down the detox.

At this point there is often great confusion because when one changes their diet to more alkaline they are subject to a healing crisis, which is the malady or inflammation bringing the illness to the surface to be dealt with via the immune response so as to facilitate the body’s natural ability to filter these toxins through the lymphatic system, thereby being eliminated through the blood and extricated through the kidneys.

Everybody must be aware in this day and age of extreme pressures and toxicity that our kidneys and endocrine system must be supported to facilitate a heightened state of physical health. Obviously everybody needs to do this but there are variations in comparison to each person’s unique physical disposition.

So in short, wherever the pain is, is where the blockage, stagnation or congestion is indicating where the neuro-lymphatic drainage points are blocked. Considering doing a deep tissue cleanse combined with a raw food diet as outlined above.

If you are experiencing pain after the practice of Dragon’s Tears it is an indication that the congestion is not permitting the energy to flow harmoniously to its destination. Persist with your practice and your channels will open and if it is stubborn you know you need to do something about it.

A hot water bottle will disperse stagnation and pain created via energetic blockage virtually instantaneously, but this method must be adhered to repetitively until you can get the right herbs to clear your channels so as to help your body make the necessary changes that your physiology is finding difficulty managing at the moment. Elephant Head Betony is also helpful for tension in skeletal muscles.

A monk from Japan also wrote to me about pain in his body and tingling in the crown. This partially answers your question. I will address the issue about the tingling in your crown while practicing the Golden Lotus soon. I will also go into more detail about the Kundalini energy when I speak about the crown.

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