Testimonial – Transformational Healing and Meditation Program

Dear Lujan

Thank you very much for the intense time together (in the Transformational Healing and Meditation Program). I was trying to tell my wife the essence of our call, … and interestingly, those few notes that I took really didn’t help me at all. We had good laughter together.

In fact everything was so intense and rapid that I was afraid to miss important pieces, trying to secure every precious moment. So this was my first learning about true communion.

And so many other things. I felt in the end that I was completely knocked down by a superb martial artist (or martial shaman). But it was not me that was knocked down, it was my ego.


I went later on to bed to “digest” and during that time my wife witnessed my double… while I was dreaming of practicing with you. This is now the third time she witnessed my double but I never managed to be conscious about it.

This time I wasn’t either, but when she woke me up to tell me what she saw I knew what she was going to tell me, I was empty enough for this to reveal.

I am really looking forward to our next Skype meeting.


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