Nagual, Mr Lujan Matus, Sir,

I trust that you are well and continue to soar higher and higher, freer and freer. It has been a week since we spoke and I had received the new Art of Stalking Parallel Perception. This work is a true prize from which I gain daily, moment by moment, as I continue to digest it.

You had asked me to write you after reading Architectural Orbs and The Parable of the Dog and the Deer. This information is so dense that hesitate to speak about it until it is properly absorbed. But also I don’t want to ignore your request.

Both parables of the Dog and the Deer create the most intense friction in me as the struggle between ‘yes’ and ‘no’. There is beauty and pain in both stories although they are layered in each story differently. I can only hope that I can not attach to my emotions during the readings of each, in order to absorb the messages.

But that is the puzzle, isn’t it?

To resist such powerful emotional possibilities to hear the truths.

The Architectural Orbs tale, which I recall you relating in a previous phone conversation, is beautiful and funny. And your dissection of the events from an energetic viewpoint is a challenge to be able to catch these glimpses in the moment. I believe that it is possible if again the emotions and then also the intellect do not interfere.

Please feel my gratitude towards yourself and your organization which supports the promotion of such valuable understanding. I can feel it working in me daily, making life far more fun and enjoyable. Being a pretty happy person already, I seek new heights and freedom, and feel that this will help deliver them

Much peace and love,