During my last training Lujan taught me the Ling Kong Jing version of two practices I had learned at basic level previously, namely Awakening the Energy Body and Windlock. I also learned Primordial Shen Gong. This combination blew the top of my head open so gently I only realized it a week later when returning my focus to other forms. Something inside proverbially looked up and noticed first that the roof was gone, and then the vastness appeared. I hope I can convey a sense of what I received.

Lujan Matus and Lo Ban Pai

As a teenager I felt drawn to the warrior’s path of spiritual development after learning of such systems in the Orient. Years passed and I encountered some amazing martial arts, but as a path to spirit it kept eluding me and I stopped looking. Some years later pursuing the Spirit I went to train with Lujan Matus and to my wonderment also discovered Lo Ban Pai.

A Path With Heart

How fortunate to learn from someone who inspires and teaches foremost by example, a system that goes all the way in both the spiritual and warrior streams as one vehicle. Even more so when it is designed to help craft one’s own path –not some one-size fits all path. Working on ones path with a seer means there is truly no hiding from yourself and that is where the attributes and skills of the warrior really come in handy…

With Lujan, what needs to be dealt with or done gets done on the spot, so one can truly move-on. Just this; dealing with what is presenting itself now, so the just-now can be free and fully available for what comes next makes all the difference. I used to expect some philosophical ‘freedom’ somewhere so far in the future that I didn’t notice the ability we have to create it functionally right here. So many gems of practical insight comes from seeing a path with heart in action, even and especially in the smallest most mundane things.

Ling Kong Jing: Void Power

Ling Kong Jing is translated as “void power”. I knew that internal martial artists employ Ling Kong Jing to impact an opponent without touching them. However, Ling Kong Jing development in Lo Ban Pai aims primarily at spiritual cultivation.

I’ll try and explain my take on it by connecting this concept of emptiness or void to the teachings in Whisperings of the Dragon. Our true power lies in being empty, hence practices to empty ourselves. Then the power of the void can come to bear on our awareness. In a sense this defines the skill of the seer. When approached in this way Ling Kong Jing facilitates reclaiming one’s innate potential of perception.

martial Ling Kong Jing

Lujan also emphasized that one does not seek to control the Ling Kong Jing since this agenda itself ads to the void as opposed to emptying it. By focusing on emptiness we create a space for the information we need to be aware of to arrive. If we are empty of ourselves we will then notice this arrival. In the same way martial Ling Kong Jing will enact itself when needed, so one need not try and control it. Such conscious control is possible but requires time that would likely come at the expense of spiritual practices.

Fully engaging the physical body in spiritual practices suddenly made sense to me on a level I did not expect was possible. It gives practical application for the saying: “There is emptiness in form and form in emptiness”. We carry that emptiness within the form of our body through which we access it. That is where we discover Ting Jing, our ‘listening power’, which is another ‘power’ innate to our emptiness and indicates our ‘power of perception’.

This is the more important application of Ling Kong Jing because it enables us to listen to and live from our heart. The book Whisperings of the Dragon is devoted to the principle of Ting Jing in its entirety.

I realized only after the training that I was so focused on martial Ling Kong Jing that I didn’t realize I was witnessing Ting Jing in action every moment I spent with Lujan.

The Practices

Having learned the pre-Ling Kong Jing versions of both these sets I can attest to important differences in what it achieves. It somehow creates space for deeper experience while fueling what creates the experience. Thanks to this I’m coming to grips with the deep role of my body and it being a part of the totality of myself.

The daily regimen of these two practices remains grueling, but the Ling Kong Jing level version kicks my energetics into another gear. It merges the body and energy even deeper, which unavoidably impacts awareness, and through that the quality of one’s experience during forms.

I did not expect such an impact from ‘foundation level’ practices. Lujan reminded me that he told me, as he does all Awakening the Energy Body students, that it is the most important practice in the system and that most people don’t believe him. I used to be one of them.  Lujan now teaches all programs at the Ling Kong Jing level.

The Lower Dantien

Roughly speaking the Ling Kong Jing adjustments involve the active inclusion of the lower dantien in the movements of the body, energy and attention. The lower dantien is energized and mobilized, and filled so that it will expand in size over time to extend way beyond the body. Both these foundation practices develop energy expansion and projection.

Learning to move the dantien is key to martial skill and Ling Kong Jing, which manifests as a wave energy. When Lujan applied Ling Kong Jing during training it flung me across the room like a rag. What I actually found more amazing was the solidity in his frame during engagement. His gravity of immovability is something I otherwise encounter only in brick walls and large trees. He explained that I got whipped across the room from a heavy magnetic point, which was the center of his dantien creating a fulcrum.

I was fortunate enough to also learn Primordial Shen Gong, Lo Ban Pai’s ‘sexual cultivation practice’ which I wrote about here. Combining that Jing cultivation practice with these two makes for even more potent results.

The Body

I’ve long been a proponent of physical practices for spiritual development but I had no idea how deep the rabbit hole goes. While I am in awe of what the ancient shamans knew, I find the development of a system to enable others to also grow to such depths even more amazing.


While writing I recalled two sayings: “a master is someone who practices the basics daily”; and “I don’t want to hear about the moon from someone who hasn’t been there”.

Lujan is an impeccable teacher, guide and living example. I recommend any of his programs. If you want to learn while seeing what mastering these practices achieve, even more so.

Thank you Lujan and Mizpah for a making it possible.

South Africa

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