Hi Lujan,

During my training I was very aware that my consciousness during the middle days was altered. The state I found myself in was not very cerebral. There was poor comprehension of time passing and my brain wasn’t ticking over with thoughts and questions. The thoughts I did have were more slow and gentle and embedded in the present.

On reflection, I think somehow you ‘pushed’ my awareness from left to right brain, which was really dreamy and I had the feeling of love and unity and I was perfectly happy to sit and watch and listen.

In this dreamy state I was conscious that the information I was receiving from you was going in, in a different way to my normal learning. My body kind of tuned in to the Lo Ban Pai movements and I mirrored your movements without the need for a calculated thought process.

On the Wednesday I left your place in a very dreamy state, in fact I felt wide eyed and calm, and heart centered. I could feel a sparkle behind my eyes and it felt like it was shining out. I remember that before we left on the Wednesday you said that you can connect the right and left brain, and to remind you to tell us about this.

In The Art Of Stalking Parallel Perception in the chapter on ‘heightened acuity and borrowed awareness’, you wrote:

“When I am communicating those insights to others, they witness the incoming information that is being given to them as if they were in a dream”.

I guess this is what was going on with me.

“They are simply asleep on the level of intention and borrowing the energy of the one transferring their insights, via an exchange that is made possible through the vehicle of interest”.

Later you wrote that the insights reappear as wisdom (and essential empathy) years later and that enhancement comes from reviewal.

What I know now is that whatever happened to my brain when I was with you has left me changed and more aware of being led by my heart.

Thank you for all these gifts.


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