Testimonial – Dragon’s Tears Workshop in the Tibetan Dzogchen Center, Tenerife, Canary Islands


I did the Dragon’s Tears movements again and again with my body and in my mind. One by one following each movement, each coil and rotation of the energy. As the water flows and coils, I followed the spinning direction. How it bounces to hands as I draw, as it bounces to body and so on.

There is power within the movements that creates life and energy.

I feel that you gave us a key, not a series of exercises. As I was doing them I got lost one time and I saw some movements that I previously practiced. Of course I got them wrong, poor, without the main key. I always felt there is something missing in all that and as I added the coiling movement to some of the exercises, bang…my dantien was bumping like a drum.

The key is important, the coils and shen gongs, butterfly calligraphy (extremely beautiful, integrating all three dantiens) describing the movement of the torus vector. I am completely drawn to the movements, addicted to the sensation of the gesture and magnetism.

You were right about the piercing eyes that you can feel when someone is looking at you while doing the movements. I was alone and completely absorbed in the Dragon’s Tears and I felt the eyes, I looked into the direction that I felt and guess what, A small lizard was staring at me.

These are just few thoughts that I felt to share with you.
Thanks again for everything. I needed a lot to meet you.





You mentioned during the workshop that as you do the movements one gathers emptiness and within that emptiness we also get more and more phase particles.

What are phase particles?



A phase particle moves in and out of reality in between the quantum flux. It is inter-dimensional by nature.

Information is obtained via a phase particles’ journey from one reality to another in terms of being inter-dimensionally dispersed. The omnipresent factor also applies the same principle of entering and leaving simultaneously to deliver insight as information.

The void power is like a liquid vortex. When the seer becomes aware of it their awareness bounces upon it and back to the seer. This is how information is obtained via the light frequency that was not capable of entering another dimension.

When the seer becomes powerful enough, they gain the capacity to enter the omnipresent flux through the dark matter, and transform into pure light and enter another reality. Upon this threshold they have to wish to return, otherwise a new journey begins.

But until then the vehicle of our traversing is our blue planet, in combination with the symbiotic realizations that compel us all to evolve beyond the general matrices that is the binding force of our construct, demanding that we comply to these frequencies, until we are free enough and strong enough within to transform these inaudible soundwaves into the light fibers that are our communal destiny as earthlings.

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