Dear Lujan,

A question continues arising in my experiences: how to be of service and doing what needs to be done vs. doing what I want. I feel confused by old programmed codependency, which automatically begins to engage in helping others, and my desire to be authentic and provide true service. 

Sometimes I  get stuck in my mind and don’t do anything.  Then the old codependent guilt shows up. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

I feel the root of my ‘seeking, is liberation from this major dilemma that’s been present most of my life.  How to discern others true needs and my true needs.

Thank you.

To be of service never means to fold to a circumstance that diminishes your personal power. If your personal power can be spoken, being of service is to speak the truth of what arises within you as you see it.

Also being of service and being within your power is to observe that which you engage within, separating yourself from the social dogma so as to gently watch what cannot be spoken to.

All is an expression of one’s authentic self. You must let the omnipresence within dictate your actions as you witness yourself becoming engaged with that which you are only attached to via your eyes gently observing what is present within the circumstance that makes itself available to you via the fact that you have enough empty space within to accommodate it. This requires you to be empty of your own social dogma; your own internal dialogue and your need to validate your personal history.

Read Whisperings of the Dragon and look more deeply within from the knowledge obtained from this book.

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