At the time I met my partner, he had just done a workshop with Lujan Matus, Awakening The Energy Body and Dragon’s Tears.

In my friendship with my partner I was introduced to philosophical concepts that was quite foreign to me and sparked a great curiosity.

I realized that our social constructs and conditioning are obscured and that sanity is a skill and ultimately something that had to be learned. I wanted to acquire this skill and realized there was some hard work to be done. My partner mentioned Lujan as a great source of knowledge.

Words cannot describe the journey of being introduced to Lujan’s teachings, I read The Art Of Stalking Parallel Perception in one go. At first I didn’t understand everything on an intellectual level, but couldn’t put it down.

I slowly but surely tried to practice being more aware of my thoughts, watching my intentions, observing my interaction with people and noticed some great changes in my perspective. One of the hardest parts was not being drawn to drama and gossip. I tried to stop talking about other people altogether and started paying attention to what I said about myself. I was also in the very beginning stages of my relationship with my partner and the chapter on relationships helped us a great deal with the building of a solid foundation.

Now 4 years later, my partner and I got married and decided to learn the advanced version of Dragon’s Tears together. We were both sure this would strengthen our union going forward in life.

One of the big reasons I went there was to work through some trusts and control issues on my side and I can honestly say we both had great success dealing with these issues. Lujan taught us to lay open our hearts and communicate openly and honestly with each other.

Progress wasn’t always made intellectually; there was a great deal of spiritual realization that simply came from the heart. This sudden “enlightenment phenomena” went hand in hand with merely being in the presence of Lujan’s wisdom and teachings.

I can say with certainty that Dragon’s Tears bring forth a very revealing and healing energy that helped us deal with things that other wise may have taken 20 years to surface and be dealt with.

In my practice of looking at my intentions, I saw layers upon layers of cobwebs in my mind and one incident specifically revealed to me one of the many twisted emotional patterns of my past interaction with people.

After finishing the day’s Dragon’s Tears’ movements my partner and I was sitting in front of Lujan. A personal issue came up and for some reason I felt very exposed and vulnerable and an old habitual defense mechanism kicked in like never before. Instead of keeping my focus on the actual problem with my partner, my focus shifted to try and uphold a certain image in front of Lujan.

Lujan immediately realized the shift in focus and addressed it. Sensing his “disapproval” (in my mind) of what was happening, I responded with a story to justify my “position”. Refusing to see what was really happening, I continued with my story and fell into a mind trap of my own, desperately trying to pull those around me into it.

It was just before the weekend and took me almost three days to get out of the shackles in my mind. Not succeeding in “my justification” I felt exposed and embarrassed and at a point of no return. I repeatedly came back with stronger emotional babble connected to almost every problematic issue in my mind and hurtful story in my past.

What I didn’t understand was that there was no “position” to be justified, no blame to be shifted and no person judging. Walking into my own trap over and over again, I became aware of my layered defense mechanisms and intelligently crafted maneuvers to try and manipulate the situation. The stories of my past were imbedded justifications for my irrational emotional reactions. With all this “clever” behavior I prided myself in being “emotionally intelligent” and soon realized it was all just detrimental nonsense.

It all came to a resolve after the weekend of endless internal dialogue and sleepless nights, Lujan stood fast and waited patiently for my realization, with minimum interference he cautioned me to be more careful with my actions and words and keep my focus on what was happening in the moment. He also urged me not to try and put a perfect bow around the issue…. Which is exactly what I was trying to do in my tired state and yearning to find resolve!

The rant came to an end as I realized that with all the energy it took to go on and on in my mind, I could just stop. I said “I can just stop” and Lujan looked at me and asked, “I don’t know, can you?” it truly meant I had to leave all the tangled sticky cobwebs behind and merely stop…. Sounds easier said than done, but it brought an intense feeling of relief and release. Natural, beautiful, true healing laughter came from my heart, that “enlightening moment” I was talking about earlier.

Apart from being exquisitely beautiful movements that connects you with your body in a very gentle way, Dragon’s Tears has enriched my life and continues to do so. I would recommend it to anyone on their journey to discover their true potential. Powerful beyond any intellectual review I could write. I feel an immense sense of gratitude and great motivation to continue the practice as it slowly but surely reveals a whole new world to my perspective.

I would end by saying Thank you! To my life and “Dragon’s Tears”. Thank you to Lujan for fulfilling a very prominent and obvious calling. I have never met a person that speaks more truth and has such great integrity. A true eye opener to see what we are capable of as human beings when the “weight” of our internal dialogue is lifted and become empty to see that which is not true. I smile when I say, Lujan is a very strong person and helped us with some pretty heavy “weight lifting”.


Here is a video of Lujeanne and Devin singing a beautiful song. They are so lovely I was so fortunate to have taught them Dragon’s Tears.

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