Dear Lujan,

I hope these words find you well. I would like to inquire of a phenomenon which has to do with energetic sensitivity to the world at large and the capacity to remain in silence.

Although I find myself growing stronger in being unperturbed by arising of internal or externally projected patterns. Still at times I find myself being saturated by their content. Such projections feel physically painful and in certain moments appear to eclipse my ability to remain in silence.

Is one ever completely resilient, or in a state of silent witnessing even when angry, confused or spiteful projections arrive externally?



If you are in the rainforest and the leopard was going to pounce on you, you wouldn’t complain about being aware of it so you can get out of its way.

Becoming empty means there is more internal space available for the practitioner to become cognizant. As the omnipresent factor increases within, one’s quantum field acknowledges everything it becomes aware of by virtue of the fact that it is one of the unavoidable elements of the world at large.

Be at peace and confident knowing that you know what is there and know that your self-importance will decrease as your primal ability expands.

As you grow you will become more capable of seeing and knowing without being saturated by it because the inner space becomes so large that it is difficult for a drop of water to influence the ocean.

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