Studying the Windlock System set with Lujan has brought about interesting change and growth to my awareness. Through a loving, gentle, professional and clear approach Lujan opened many doors within me during the week which enabled me to feel many aspects of myself within the silence he facilitates during the sessions.

In many cases, the emptiness of a few seconds was enough for my body to feel my own energetics and within that left with an undeniable realization about myself and the roots and direction of my attention. These moments may happen within conversation where Lujan would allow me to talk about something as he watched my energy. If something negative arose within me he would see this even in the most subtle of instances and very gently remove himself or both of us from the moment in a variety of ways.

In some cases he would talk directly to the feeling that he’s seen within me before I spoke. The realization that came from that was not always instant for me and it’s the subtle approach that he applies that allowed me to reflect after the sessions to recollect what I’d lost in these moments, which is in fact something that doesn’t serve as my truth. Lujan made subtle references to things I’d said in the past too and within all of that I can clearly see when judgement arises within me. I feel lighter and less serious now I can see myself detached from that.

As I practiced and trained I could straight away feel myself in front of a personal boundary that needed to be broken through. The challenging physical aspect of the set requires me to recover my mental strength, determination and application. This in itself showed where work can be applied to my day to day life as parts of my self doubt and laziness were illuminated as a result of my personal training. I could see myself ducking away from the pain and challenge of the set and on many occasions I could feel myself wanting to slow down, stop or make an excuse for not applying myself 100% to a particular movement.

Once I found my self discipline I felt a tipping point and became highly motivated, focused yet relaxed as a result of applying myself and this feeling carried on into the day ahead. There is a strong sense of being able to create change and step through the challenges in front of me as a result of introducing this into my life. I can feel myself becoming more intrigued by my truth and change rather than being engulfed by the fear of possible pain and failure which has previously held me back.

The practice is a catalyst for internal development and that excites me as it now accompanies me in every scenario in my life from relationships to business. On many occasions after my personal practice and the training with Lujan I feel an incredible sense and peace, youthful innocence, playfulness and bliss within me with light and illumination from my heart.

This all seems significant to this set being a morning practice preparing oneself for the day ahead. There is an area of high motivation and organic confidence that can be accessed with this practice and this has enabled me to develop my ability to see my circumstances clearly for what they are and apply myself accordingly to them. Those instances become more clear within the body and a feeling arrives that directs awareness to what’s approaching in both inspiring and challenging ways. This is an enhanced connection with the body and soul and something that just simply cannot be ignored once it becomes noticeable.

My dreams were deep throughout the week and significant experiences were had which enabled me to work on the physical and internal aspects of the practice in this dreaming state and I can remember performing rolling fist movements and discussing the programming of individual countries and regions. I found myself over the week perhaps recalling aspects more fluidly that I thought I might have.

During a morning training session in my hotel I had experienced an interesting sensation. I was practicing the set and had a moment where my body was swept over continuously with wave energy, rippling through my entire physicality as I trained in a certain movement. I’ve also experienced this since returning home. The sensation was quite intense and for a moment I wondered if it was my nervous system under pressure but it was not. My body could continue training as the sensation encased me and Lujan had mentioned when I asked that this was my body remembering an aspect of the system which would have been used in combat.

The movements and exercises in the practice brought my awareness to certain areas of the physical body and it was very interesting to really experience some of the complexities of how our energy field and our body are so intimately linked. It’s something that has inspired great interest in traditional Oriental healing methods.

Towards the end of the week I had taken many notes on the movements and the length and detail of the set had started to become overwhelming to me. Lujan pressed on this as I frantically took details down to help me remember. It felt never ending at one point and I feel this was a reflection of me becoming too emotionally invested in that. There isn’t an ending, a finish line or perfection that can be reached and I could feel my cup overflowing as I became lost in the process.

As the challenge of the set developed over the week I applied myself at times with a view of finishing rather than being within the practice. I can see how this is the case in every aspect of my life. It’s impatience and a view that peace is at the end of the task rather than within it. One can spend many hours reaching for perfection, bliss and paradise in that which surrounds them but in reality that can only be recalled through living life with a clear heart and being present.

Leaving at the end of the training was challenging. Working with Lujan is very real. The beautiful and challenging aspects of my life are so easy to discuss with the safe knowing that I will always be delivered to the truth of myself and my circumstances so I can grow and develop my awareness. This is something I appreciate and treasure dearly. I’m able to be in my vulnerability and witness the strength of that. When I’m there I can see my inner silence and from that I recognize truth in a way I can not describe.

London, UK

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