Hi Lujan,

I write you today as I had an experience for which I want advice from you.

I have been practicing Dragon’s Tears the last three weeks, when I woke up in the middle of the night. I am passing a very special times as I broke a relationship and I have been experiencing a big duality between looking at the reasons I want the relationship to be over and a deep need of security for which I want that relationship. I discovered how that need is linked in my personal history with my father and mother, and this acknowledgement and experience of the pain let me feel spaces deep inside myself where I suffer a lot.

I noticed that my inner dialogue has been linked to a pressure in my right side of the head and body. But I was used to it for too long to really put attention to it. I just did when, after the practice, I laid on my bed to do the eight gates meditation and I felt a pointy pain on my right shoulder. I decided to relax the shoulder as much as I could, and then, something happened.

I felt/saw an entity trying to put that pain in my shoulder. I saw big black eyes on a big head and a skinny body. I recognized a negative grey lots of people talk about, and I started to talk to him saying I want him to stop to interfere with me at any dimension. I saw I wasn’t afraid. He stopped to try to give me pain on my shoulder and moved around my body passing behind my legs toward my left side of the head, kind of behind my view. I could still feel it.

My mind was empty and then I started to have a strong inner dialogue coming from the left side of my head, soon after I realized this voice wasn’t me but the strange entity, so I asked it again not to interfere with my energy never again. I felt the entity leave. Then I tried to do my meditation but I could just feel my skin, it was tighter, as I couldn’t go further, I was febrile and I felt sleep a little bit after.

Next day, yesterday, a friend told me she was feeling something strange in me, to which she could not put her finger on, to be able to name it. I was surprised to feel again the presence on my right during my interaction with her. She played a drum for me for a while and then I felt the presence left.

I feel I was able to hunt the presence you told me once I should hunt. Nevertheless, I feel I need support on that. Could you give me any advice?

Thank you as always for being there in all the forms/dimensions you are.

Lots of love!

The only advice I can give you is to be pure of feeling. Do not intend harm toward anybody else, or yourself. Be loving and kind to those that are not this way to you.

Allow your world to define you but not mold you in its reflection. Release the idea of personal history and replace it with the moment that is continually escaping you. Only then will you realize what you need to do, because in reality what is done is done.

There is no process to be intellectually understood but all action to be undertaken, in an atmosphere of total receiving of that which is obviously there to increase your capacity to let go of it. Because in reality when you look back on your life it was just five minutes ago and there are only two minutes to continue.

Practice your Dragon’s Tears with emptiness so that the omnipresent factor may pervade all corners of your being.