I am midway through reading Whisperings of the Dragon and it comes to my attention of a repeating pattern I am holding myself in, which you write “is to be avoided at all costs”.

My inner seeing has matured to a degree of regularly being able to witness false behaviors in myself and others and to recognize them for what they are in the moment of seeing.

What I am noticing is when I recognize a behavior (particularly in others but even also in myself), the internal dialogue is very active in immediate self-congratulations on the seeing. I notice this but by that time the ‘interlocking with knowing and doing’ has already happened. This immediately creates quite an emotional disturbance within of self-criticism (is this also a form of self-importance?).

I want to ask how to avoid this pattern. Is the answer simply to keep practicing and practicing the listening to what I can’t hear?

Or can you give further clarification of technique to break this particular holding pattern?

Many thanks for your not-doing in me.

You’ve got to come to terms with the fact that maybe you are not seeing the true essence of what is really being revealed and that your judgments are a habitual social patterning.

The power of seeing automatically delivers the witness to an unbiased state of observation, where judgment is suspended and seeing is what it is; an act of witnessing what appears. Then upon this circumstance, letting it go completely via the fact that seeing doesn’t possess anything. Thus allowing the full circumstance to unfold as it truly is.

The techniques in Whisperings of the Dragon, in relation to coming to terms with your doings and not doings, is exactly that. If you are experiencing a social doing, and tilting it towards seeing, then inner silence is not available via the internal dialogue and emotional certainty being there congratulating itself. This is a doing. A not-doing is void of this.

Self-criticism is self-importance running amok. It is merely just self-pity, covering the anger and arrogance, which are tools that you may be using against yourself as a practice ground to use them upon others.

This may not be exactly as it is but if you take a long, honest look at who you are – and this can only be done by revealing to those around you what you are really doing privately – this will bring everything to the surface; not only for you but for everybody. Here your true battleground will be defined, in terms of who you really are in comparison to who you want to be.

This wanting is false via the fact that when you end up realizing what you want to be is not who you are meant to be. This is the epiphany that all social beings must come to terms with.

Since I have written this book, this has come up over and over again. Intellectual patterning standardizes something magical so as to avoid truly being silent.

This standardization obviously has congratulatory tones connected to it. Be aware to look for what you can’t see and to listen to what you can’t hear, thereby coming upon what you would not really expect.

This in turn will touch you very deeply and bring gratitude upon the your journey.

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