I have a question about children who suffer from ADHD. What is your view of the problem that causes this on an energetic dynamic?

Also what can be done to help children by us on an energetic level?
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Firstly, diet must be approached intelligently. A gluten and dairy-free diet is generally recommended. This should include a lot of organic fruit and vegetable intake. No GMO’s or commercially-produced animal products, white sugar, sodas, chemical additives and preservatives.

No containers that will leach plastics into the diet. We are not capable of detoxifying these plastic chemicals. So when you buy take-out food in Styrofoam it is very dangerous, as one example.

Also you need to obtain chemical-free, organic dish-washing liquid, laundry detergent, natural soap, toothpaste etc.  No chemical cleaning products in the house including pesticides. You can easily substitute these with vinegar and Castile soap.

Buy organic clothing if possible, and in the very least avoid synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester. Studies have been done on animals over a two-year period that found that polyester altered their natural hormone levels and damaged the endocrine system.

Visual intake from television and computer games must be monitored to reduce negativity in terms of violence. The child must have an outdoor environment to ground themselves with bare feet and sunlight. As much physical contact as possible creates a nurturing environment for their personality to grow within. Under all circumstances the child must have a creative outlet that is of their interest.

In general we have too much external stimuli that is not natural. The radio waves from televisions, cell phones and computers are detrimental in large amounts. Energetically we are all very sensitive to these factors. It is just that over the last couple of hundred years we have learned not to believe that our body can read circumstances.

ADHD children are usually very intelligent and get bored easily. It is difficult for them to integrate into normal society because they feel the limitations imposed and naturally rebel against being domesticated.

These children have to be kept busy. They are natural leaders and their creativity is much higher than a normal child.

This is one reason why it is beneficial to change their diet to high-fruit and vegetables. This will allow the child not to be agitated by reducing acidosis within the body.

One of the most asked questions with a high fruit and vegetable diet is where the child is going to get their protein from. Protein can be obtained from the fruit and vegetables in sufficient amounts. What we have been programmed to believe about protein is wrong.

Young coconut shakes are a great idea for healthy fat and protein for children. The fat from the coconut is delivered straight to the mitochondria and supplies enormous amounts of energy for the brain and nervous system. You can add frozen banana and mango to the smoothie and make ice cream from it. It is actually more tasty than the ice cream you buy in the store. If you feed the body with more balanced foods then you feed the nervous system in the same way.

It would be best to find a school that allows the child to take their own meals so they are not forced to eat junk food.

One of the most crucial factors in the life of a child is the belief system of the people that surround them; e.g. the focus of their culture. They shouldn’t be boxed in with ideas that are limiting in terms of the attention put on them by adults in terms of the usual approach to managing children identified as being ADHD.

As far as energetics is concerned, the general populous’ intelligence has been reduced and this has led to external operatives gaining control through advertizing, which is a type of social programming. Once the person goes out of the general loop of this dilemma, they are faced with a stone-walled belief system from their peers. Our peers are not convinced that what is happening is bad for us in general.

In one generation the hormonal potency of men and woman has been reduced by half. Within another twenty-five years the generation that follows will be almost certainly sterile. We are facing the extinction of our species if we don’t change the direction we are heading in terms of toxicity that we are absorbing just from our own household in terms of the chemicals we accept as safe.

It is not just the ADHD syndrome that is the issue. This is just a symptom of our inability to cope with our unnatural environment that are our general circumstances that is very difficult to escape from.

So when you go to the supermarket and walk down the aisle that sells cleaning products, know that when you smell them you are ingesting them. This is our olfactory function. We naturally absorb and interpret our environment for survival and if we are programmed to see the chemicals that we are ingesting as safe we are generally being told that poisons are good for us.

If a hunter would go into the supermarket and say to someone buying chemical products that what they pick up is poisonous and will have a detrimental effect long-term, it may be snubbed. But if the very same people were put in the wild and a hunter/gatherer would say don’t eat these leaves; they are poisonous and will make you sick, then generally the people would listen. This situation comes down to a primal survival mode.

All of us have been conditioned to accept the unacceptable and our primal essence is being buried and grossly ignored because we are told that chemicals are clean. People don’t want to believe they are being told something is good for them when it is actually not. They want to feel safe, and their need to be safe is so strong that they will believe the corporations that sell these products through their advertizing, which is a very detrimental type of programming.

I would like everyone to consider, even washing your dishes you can be poisoning yourself through your skin very slowly. It won’t happen right away but it will happen eventually.

For example, when a person drinks diet soda, the chemical aspartame gets transported to the liver and chemically changed to methanol. This causes a myriad amount of sickness that can manifest as brain tumors and other neurological disorders. To remedy these modern illnesses one just has to stop drinking the soda and usually within a couple of weeks the malady has disappeared.

So I would caution everybody to question anything that is in a package. If it is not organic, what are you putting in your body. The question is do you want to be well in twenty years?

Remember illness can manifest as a mental dysfunction, which is socially acceptable. Many people are very rational but are not making any sense any more. So we all need to get back to our roots and the only way we can do this is demand that our environment and our food is cherished.

What I am saying here is don’t focus on our children being the sick ones. Focus on the fact that we’ve provided an unsafe environment for them. We can all change this by making positive choices and being informed about what is good and what is not good for us as a society.

We are like slaves that are programmed to buy products that aren’t useful. In other words we have to be educated beyond the rational premises that have been programmed into us by our educational system that is not taking all these factors into consideration in terms of what is really going on with our delicate consciousness that can be swayed via suggestions, instead of truth.

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