Hi Lujan,

I would like to share some recent experiences I have had regarding my daily Dragon’s Tears practice, visions and dream experiences.

During my training with you in the Bahamas we discussed briefly tattoos and how in many traditions they have been used to rid the body and soul of negative energy.

Since my return home I have been having my back tattoo worked on and the artist had incorporated an oriental demon into the piece. I’m very happy with her detail. The following day I was doing my daily Dragon’s Tears practice and afterwards while sitting peacefully still in silence I had an influx of visions.

As I gazed purposefully in front of me at the wall my third eye opened up and I had a sequence of colourful dragons and demonic faces appear in quick succession. I sat cross legged on the edge of my bed, my feet touching the floor and my hands cupped in my lap with my thumbs gently pressing together. I could see in my peripheral vision two glowing blue lights underneath my legs and a display of beautifully dancing grey and white energy in front of me. It was moving around me quite quickly in spiral formations. I also had visions of my back tattoo finished with additional details I had not yet seen or thought of. I felt light as a feather afterwards and experienced much peace and contentment. This carried onto the following day.

A few days before I had a very vivid dream. I was being led back into some old interests of mine and the dream was suggesting to me that I should pick up old past times and life pursuits. When I awoke I could see that this dream was certainly a trap, like most I have.

You have mentioned on many many occasions the dangers of dreaming both in your books and blog posts. These recent experiences have got me thinking about the significance of visions. We have also discussed visions during training. You had mentioned that we should be more concerned with taking note of our visions and than dreams.

Can we be sure our visions during our waking life are free from coercive intrusion?

Where do visions come from and what is their purpose?

Can body art support spiritual development and conscious growth or is this purely a case of the intention of an act creating affect?

Many thanks!
John 🙂

John, it is important to be aware of your desires and then equally intend them not to be a burden upon what you wish on your path.

If a vision presents itself to you, you will know via the content of feeling whether it is filled with power or something that could have to do with your social domestication, in terms of wants and needs, hopes and dreams and whatever they are connected to in terms of how you have been manipulated to see the world via your upbringing.

It is always important to do what feels good for you, like getting tattoos. If power comes from that act it will manifest in the way that is appropriate. It is difficult for me to measure what can or cannot happen within your life.

As I have mentioned in Whisperings of the Dragon, only you can measure the silent pathway to your personal power. The contradiction is that this is in more cases than not, retrospective in nature. So one has to wait. And in the waiting there may not be an answer in terms of the first item pursued.

On our life path we get exactly what we get. It is how we perceive our journey that is of crucial importance.

To seek in full humbleness the blind spots and to acknowledge what is really obvious that we need to change so as to progress – this is all I can really say to you. Be patient and know that you are waiting for what can’t be expected. So be alert.

A realization may only be a hair’s breadth away or you may have to wait half a lifetime. This is just our condition. Be gentle and kind as much as possible. This technique also must be applied to yourself as well.

My answer to you may raise more questions for you than giving you substantial answers and this is the way it should be. There is no way to measure the outcome of our actions until we experience them. Then it is vitally important to observe, with as little personal interference as possible.

Just yesterday, I was amongst hundreds of Thai people. Two men approached me within a five minute period. One actually touched me from behind very gently, admiring my tattoos.

Usually they have an effect in terms of repelling negativity, but now in this situation they brought a gentle touch to my arm from behind. You never know the results of your actions or what will manifest from them. From one of these men I felt more purity than I have experienced from any Thai monk that I have met in this country, and from the other such diligent politeness, admiring the artwork on my body.

For me this was very enjoyable because I am very gentle and loving by nature. So my tattoos brought to me the unexpected. But then again I would not expect anybody to treat me any other way because in essence I treasure the calmness and kindness within.

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