I recently attended the Golden Lotus seminar. Having never met Lujan before nor participated in a Spiral Energetics program, I was filled with apprehension and unknown foreboding. From the first day, I was immediately disarmed and reassured by Lujan’s genuine warmth and humanity.

He wasted no time and struck right to our core with his uncanny shamanistic instincts. His gaze pierced our minds to find the roots of internal dialogue helping us to see what needed to be seen. In my more that tens years of martial arts study, I have never encounter someone with as much power and grace as Lujan.

The Golden Lotus movements flowed swiftly and beautifully before us. He guided us slowly and steadily until we had the movements within.

Lujan teaches with a profound mastery. He links the physical to the energetic and the ancient knowledge to his revolutionary shamanism. Lujan guided us throughout and maintained our focus and continuity of learning through to the end.

After a most challenging emotional and physical week of learning, a wondrous bright double rainbow appeared in front of us as we walked down the road away and back into the world. A sign I believe of a better brighter future ahead. I am most grateful for the opportunity and hope to continue on the path of learning with Lujan.

Warm Regards,

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