I just have to write to you my latest experience in my daily practice of your teachings: Dragon’s Tears, the earth grounding effects of the Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake and the Mirror technique.

These teachings have given me the tools to handle a very difficult situation in my family. I am surprised at how I can see myself being mirrored by my relationships and even by my physical environment. And I also see the intervention of Spirit interwoven in all these to help me become better than who I was as a social being and towards my true being.

What happened was I became ill. I used to see an illness as a dysfunction and has to be cured from a point of view of a healer. Yet, when I was sick with fever and have other ailments, I come to see the usefulness of this event as life changing. I communed with my body and in those feverish moments, I saw my social bindings and how I relate to those close to me.

I usually will drown in self-pity expecting to be taken care of in times of illness. There was no attack of self- pity. I felt free to objectively see my situation since I am forced by the circumstance to lay in bed and reflect. I noticed that the internal dialogue is not self destructive but I wrestled with it in those feverish times.

Despite being ill I forced myself to do the gentle moves of Dragon’s Tears. To my amazement, every time I perform the movements the fever breaks and I have to change my sweat soaked clothes after the practice. I had a fever for several days which I refused to take over the counter medication knowing that these so called drugs takes a toll on the liver and kidneys.

I kept on hydrating myself using coconut water and home cooked soup every hour I am awake. Got over the fever in less than a week. I craved for raw fruits and if not available I settled with the dried mix with nuts after soaking them in hot boiled water. Mizpah, my body thanks you for your Raw Food Solution. I am not fully on raw food but I get your message slowly but surely.

To top all this, today I turned on my iPad to listen to the audio of the 8 Gates intending to start my daily meditation. I was pleasantly surprised when it suddenly played without me touching the buttons, the song “Amazing Grace”.

Amazing grace how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but now I’m found
Was blind but now I see…

How cool is that? Felt like serenaded by infinity.


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