The recent information about Hunab Ku, and everything else that has been shared about human beings and the planet, have me wondering what is the sun outside of being the source of physical light energy for our solar system?

What role does it play in our interaction with the galactic center, the planet, and our personal/collective evolution?

Years ago I encountered esoteric ideas that connected Jesus to the sun. Are there benefits or reasons to have celestial intermediaries in our relationships to source?


Within the conceivable universe that we can comprehend, in terms of what we have learned in comparison to what is truly available, is an immense amount of information intermixed with disinformation. The problem that we face as a species is that we have many choices. Religions, philosophies, ideologies. Everything that we have been trained to believe is the truth, depending on what region and what time we have been born into.

We should not be interested in any of this. Anyone with a grain of salt running through their veins must, under all circumstances, question everything being put forward. The simple truths are self-evident in comparison to the complexities that confuse the general populous within speculation – in terms of what they have chosen to believe as an encompassing complex dogma that can be switched and flipped into any internal reasoning – is the catalyst for collective and individual propaganda to be manifest within everyone’s personal reality.

The trick is can each individual discover where the focus of their eyes has been led by the ideas that manifest a justified response, instead of absorption of that which is truly present that enlivens personal enhancement towards something that is readily available and never seen; very rarely spoken about and for many, never felt because the process is violated by intrusive thoughts and emotional justifications.

When we bask in the warmth of our sun there are so many things occurring. Innumerable amounts of chemical reactions are inherently available by virtue of the fact of being subject to it.

When each of us face and look upon another human being, we are basking within the radiance of each other’s light. If we were to realize that an idea comes between us and the communion that can exist between others, then what are we really doing in comparison to what really could have been done?

Communion is a very simple act of receiving what is subtly available. We are surrounded by not only light, but also an all-encompassing void-like darkness that is self-aware, sees itself through the light of stars, which is equal to viewing one’s present reality through their own eyes. As it travels upon the inconceivable, it already knows the outcomes of what is to be and has been manifest, by virtue of its omnipresence.

You see, we sit within the center of that omnipresence, and this very contradiction that is our existence.

With a small and delicate amount of light that we possess within we have the ability to comprehend the incomprehensible. This is truly our destiny. The question is – are we living it? And what propaganda has taken us away from our true evolutionary process?

As you sit quietly reading this, the only thing that matters is that you are silent and open. Be in the simplicity of who you are in the moment and devote yourself to the actions of who you become and simultaneously let go of that, waiting patiently without waiting. Be kind and compassionate to that which arises to be witnessed, which is the only truth that you are capable of comprehending within that endlessly present moment that is continually escaping you.

We all must collectively take down these illusions and see what really needs to be done. Not what you think should happen.

Listen to what you can’t hear and allow this omnipresent communion, to align with these unseen censors, and from that point find yourself where you never expected. Then there truly your heart will witness the first unspoken word.

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