Testimonial – Lo Ban Pai

I traveled to visit Lujan to learn the final set of Three Treasures, The Small Mountain. I was very happy to see him again and I noticed how easy and good it was to be in his presence.

It reminds me of something special inside that’s difficult to explain but easy to feel. It felt very different being inside his house than the outside, which appeared very harsh and violent.

After a couple of years of practice I’m more sensitive to what I feel inside and outside my body and I’m honest when I say that most of this world seems hard and complicated.

Life should be easy and the feeling of stillness and happiness is truly something beautiful. Life can be composed of love, simplicity and understanding. It feels very natural when this appears inside.

Lujan told me that our internal fire is small compared to what’s around us and that we have to be very strong in our truth to not lose ourselves in what may manifest in the outside world.

At the same time I have to learned not to judge, not to harm, but to be silent within my heart and learn true understanding and be clear. This is my lesson now.

At some point we began to talk about how people have different social locations inside their mind – which dislocates their heart from truth in communication – and how it’s possible to see that and feel it, almost like a mailbox. And depending on the depth of our silence we are capable of identifying that and talking to if from our true heart and not our social mind.

At some point he asked me: Do you know who you are? I looked inside myself, not thinking about it, but I could not find and see who I am.

He then told me that he knew well who I was. This was interesting for me.

After some days I got the feeling of seeing and understand my insides. I had just been practicing and was laying in my bed listening to the Lo Ban Pai playlist. As I was immersed in my body consciousness I saw inside of me and I could locate myself.

It was a very unique feeling and I knew then what to do and my motivations for life came flooding in. I work on bringing this into my life now.

I experience that practicing Lo Ban Pai reconnects me with the feeling inside. It’s very different from much of the programmed social behavior.

The difference gets very obvious after doing some of the training and following Lujan’s teachings.

Doing Lo Ban Pai is always very nice. It’s humbling because it reconnects me with parts of myself that have been forgotten, and when it appears again it feels so good and I’m so happy that I can remember my happiness for this is intense.

Doing the three treasures generates a lot of energy and so far it has given me stronger health and higher energy levels after some weeks of practice. I think this is only the beginning.

Together with the other training I’ve learned from Lujan everything feels very powerful and healing.

Doing the small mountain vibrates and shakes my insides and often I have to do the movements slow because it’s simply too much. I feel how the coiling movements go very deep inside and how it changes everything.

It feels very good to do the complete set and I understand that what I’ve learned earlier makes the foundation to learn the small mountain in a easy way, even though it looked difficult at first. The progression and standardization have made it much easier to do and understand.

The small mountain adds a very direct and powerful feeling to my training. It makes me positive and motivated towards my life tasks and I want to do everything with a powerful feeling behind it.

There is more willpower and determination, focus and insight. Its feels like a very sacred gem and I know how it changes me. I’m looking forward to practice more.

After the second day I experienced healing of my right shoulder. I’ve had some minor pain there for months. I have tried different healing techniques but nothing helped, but this evening it disappeared almost completely.

I would feel a powerful deep energy rise within my body and suddenly it would flood my right shoulder and I knew the pain would disappear. This happened when lying down after practicing the set. My shoulder is still good.

As always Lujan speaks honestly and directly. This helps me do the same and I notice how much more I follow my truth if I simply say things directly and honestly, with no bullshit. I’ve also learned to stay stronger in my truth and my ability to take responsibility.

Important elements of my life seemed to be reviewed during the week giving me possibility to grow and understand things that have been more difficult for me. Much of this just appeared even without us talking about it.

I’m very thankful for being with Lujan and I eternally appreciate him for bringing his gifts into the world.

With a lot of appreciation and love

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