I was practicing meditating and I started too see colors. I began interfering with them.

I was looking over Whisperings of the Dragon and I read that when you see the swirling colors you should go back to your skin. Did I do something bad?


There is nothing good or bad within your experience. It is how you perceive it that is the most important thing.

Influencing the field of color that comes upon you when your eyes are closed, is a consequence of being aware of it. Nevertheless in the Eight Gates meditation it is witnessed unbiasedly via your attention so as not to have an adverse effect apart from withdrawing quickly to enter your first gate once again, which is your skin.

This is part of the teachings of Being, Knowing and Not-Doing. Being is an all-pervasive field that comes upon a warrior of its own accord. That is what we are really waiting for – all of us. Knowing is acknowledgement of the subtle factor being witnessed. Not-Doing is withdrawing at the point of the recognition, or the knowing.

This is the crucial distinction between knowing and not-doing. It is like your awareness only weighs sixteen ounces and only one fifth of one ounce recognizes the field to be observed.

This within itself lays the fertile ground for Being, to notice that it is being observed in a way that fosters its recognition towards a warrior’s non-interference.

So in your words, saying socially, “did I do something bad?”, is a heavy statement. It obviously weighs ten pounds in comparison to one ounce.

There is no good and there is no bad. There is only perception, which is the truth and this cannot be measured with a white or black hat. It can only be seen for what it really is.

Then the appropriate steps can be taken by withdrawing one’s input to allow the indefinable unknowable essence to come upon us as waves of realization that are endowed with insight. These holographic units of information weigh less than a furtive glance, yet bear the full weight of our individual and collective comprehension of our future.

To consider this, while not considering anything, is the key.

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