I have a question about gazing in general as I explore the techniques in Awakening the Third Eye.

To what degree is the object being gazed at responsible for the benefits of gazing?

The reason I ask is that I have experienced effects on my awareness from practices like gazing at my own fingertip during circle walking, and there is no external object involved. The general state of the energy of the eyes as it is referred to in the parts of Whisperings of the Dragon I’ve read seems to support the idea in my mind that the state of, or relationship to the energy of the eyes is fundamental, and what is looked at is maybe more of a prop to help achieve such states.

I was inclined to stop reading Whisperings half way through and go back to re-explore earlier material before continuing, so I hope I’m not asking something already answered 🙂

I would guess that you shared with us all the specific gazing techniques for a reason, and I’ve seen the more specific references to uses and effects of them in Shadows in the Twilight, but was wondering what part of the techniques is most responsible for their benefits.


I shared the techniques in book form because I taught them for years before. These books are a manual for this because I don’t teach the plant-gazing anymore. The reason for this is that I move on so the teachings don’t become fixed.

All the techniques stand alone. Continue reading “Whisperings of the Dragon” to the end so you can have a better grasp in terms of an overview of all the books. There is an underlying thread within them.

Energy is available from every source. When you read Whisperings you will begin to comprehend this.

The eyes are a very important factor – yes. But they have to be emptied of the ghosts that may exist within the heart of a human being. Ghosts are your memories in all their manifestations.

Without becoming too complex with the explanation, all of us have been doing – all of our lives – and those who are dedicated have been undoing all the limiting ideas that go against our true nature. It is not looking at your finger that will give you the sensation of energy within your circular walking, it is the act of peripherally apprehending the environment that fills the hands with energy.

This act within itself reduces the practitioner because there then is no reasonable reason why energy should amass because of this until all the keys are set in place. This is why the book “Whisperings of the Dragon” is so important for those who wish to reach a deeper state of communion.

Lo Ban Pai’s circular walking focuses the hands to coil inwardly towards the practitioner – not outwardly towards an external object as is done in Bagua. Without this very advanced – yet preliminary – technique, connecting to an outside entity such as a tree becomes more difficult.

Walking in a circle without the hands being activated through spirals, inwardly towards one’s center, is the first step. All comes of itself after that.

In other words, the internal coiling that manifests when the hands spiral activates the necessary magnetism to hold the untouchable and through this very act view what cannot be seen and auditorially connected to this gesture so as to still the mind. This is what you will be learning when I teach you the Golden Lotus.

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