I have recently learned from Lujan the art of controlled folly. Lujan said it would give a boost to the practice of the Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake.

I’ve been practicing the Eight Gates for many months now, but have never been able to get beyond the sixth gate, so to speak. I’ve not yet been able to reach an awareness of the deeper practices of this method.

This afternoon, feeling very low and tired, I laid down to hopefully nap. I began the Eight Gates meditation. I fell behind one of the major gates and almost fell asleep but caught a vision and brought myself out of it.

After re-entering the gates, I finally became aware of one of the most important gates for healing. I could follow a feeling all the way from my ankles to the hips, then saw a vision of my spine. I bounced back to waking awareness at that point. I got up feeling renewed and happy. I was simply happy for no reason.

Practicing controlled folly is allowing me to interact in the world in a rather detached manner. It’s a very comfortable place. I’m seeing how doing and speaking can so very quickly become an avenue of self-validation. When you can be more patient and observe, the opportunities to speak with truth and power present themselves.

I have more work to do before I can explain how profound, yet simple this art actually is. The shift is almost immediate, and it takes a while for one’s reason to catch up.

Learning with Lujan is like that. Knowing is there. Talking about it has to wrangled into existence.


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