Lujan, could you elaborate on dragon energy if pertinent? I don’t know how else to describe it! After my encounters with the dragon a while back, this energy returned a couple of weeks ago and it has infused in me, throwing up challenges that compel me to face how I am waylaid by emotional eddies.

During the December 2012 meditation I saw these energy flowers come out from my chest and sit around me spinning away. I’ve seen them on and off when doing the movements. Then while practicing the eight gates they tuned into portals or gateways I knew I could travel into. I didn’t, I just observed. Not long after that I was in Macchu Picchu, sitting on the sun stone. I looked up, and from the center of my chest I grabbed a golden lotus that I threw into the sky. A portal opened and a green snake flew down that turned into a male. I knew him as a brother. I knew we were both not of this world and proceeded to speak in a language I knew but my mind could make no sense of. We spoke like this for a while and I am left with feelings rather than words. One of the things he said was that I needed to remember my voice and speak my voice. So here it is.

This dragon energy feels so strong right now. It is not like an armor but it is more like the invincibility of knowing that destiny is here and now, and it must be met. It is not gentle or loving, in fact it feels kind of ruthless for any emotion that is not bound to integrity, and so for this it is also deeply tender in a strange fashion. Just like the dragon I met.

Lujan, what is the wind? And how is it caught? When you wrote about it, for me I saw an open door and an energy- foreign- entering, creating distraction. I felt it as an imposition on my very nature that warped my sense of being. I saw this open door image along time ago too, in the context of the shadow’s intrusion and the wind shadow entities.


Many of the questions you ask have been answered in the posts from the forum that I will display beneath.

I prefer the subjective experiences to explain esoteric phenomenon. Objective perspectives are what we have learned intellectually and then assimilate. I have avoided this second principle all of my life.

For this reason I can only talk of three dragons for they are truly within my experience. They are interdependent upon external phenomena and these particular manifestations are the whisperings of the dragon.

But I shan’t talk of these. Only of the three that have bound to me.

I have many memories of my lifetimes that have been but these memories have never given me what this life has in terms of witnessing my death. I was subject to this very special moment and as I was dying I observed three magnificent energies swirling around my body, preparing to escape and ascend to eternity itself.

As I left the precious chambers of my heart I knew that this was their abode. Even though they were three, they were bound as one mutual awareness.

As they were attempting to leave, I strongly willed them back, for it was not my time. I experienced this in Bali.

As fortune has it I also have seen these dragons attempting to leave from a loved one. The same feelings, the same knowledge, the same infinite wisdom was contained within them and within the moment we witnessed.

The wind is akin to action and there are three types of doings that are in the realm of controlled folly, even though you cannot call them doings. It is just words given to other words to make meaning.

Being, knowing and doing are essential for the knowledge of a warrior. When one is being they are absorbed within the experience that they begin to know. As they know they have a choice of doing.

If doing is then connected to validation it develops a tongue. Doing must be what it is – just doing – that disappears back into being.

But if it is allowed to speak of itself it develops a forked tongue. One will speak within your head then the other speaks of itself through validation. So this is the forked tongue if doing becomes being and the internal dialogue is cut off through witnessing the cycle of being, doing and knowing once again.

If it does not witness itself correctly it becomes an evil wind. This wind can enter the body through incorrectly being, which is to be of thought. This is akin to being cast out of heaven or the garden of Eden. Once the thought recognizes itself as words, all sorts of mayhem begin to occur and this turns into self-importance, validates itself and becomes rotten to the core.

So as the apple is plucked from the tree it loses its source of nourishment. Thus it must transform into something else.

These are the posts from Parallel Perception forum. My students are so wealthy in terms of their wisdom. As you can see within their written words eternity is contained.


Luma: The dragon energy is very interesting to me. I recently too had someone shoot all this judgement at me, yet I discovered so much about myself in terms of holding on to or depending on someone else’s opinion of me. The reason the judgement hit my heart centre so hard was because it challenged a belief about myself. I felt pain realising I needed to let this go and being confronted in such a way by another was very hard. It was an image that I upheld about myself and the person being the ‘poison dragon’ came and squashed it. I was so shaken for quite a while. Then my dragon energy made me face the way I had upheld an image of me that needed this validation, and how it was time for it to crumble before my eyes so that I could recapture a part of myself, a power, that has been waylaid in seeking to uphold images.

There is an incredible latent creative force, a power, that enables us to transform and adapt as needed. I am seeing how this has been waylaid into upholding unnecessary images. When this energy is returned to it’s rightful place, truly amazing things happen.

Endreus:I have a question. Should be endeavour to be as neutral as possible in all positions/situations?
Maybe I’m answering this question my self now, but for me it seems that when I’m neutral my heart can be of joy or sadness according to the situation I’m at. At my workplace however, I’m not neutral at all and this seems to create a lot of stuck emotions and fear in me. This has happened in almost all works I have had. Maybe my I’m intending an desired outcome to strongly?
There is this obvious pressure from those above, and I feel I’m absorbing this to strongly.

Dragons come to me.

Sugrue: “Even though the memory is full of distress and fear, the predominant element that has evolved from that resonance is the need not to be controlled and be made to do what you don’t want to do by people in positions of authority. Under certain circumstances, this is not a bad thing. But if the original emotion attached to your need to not be controlled is not subdued, you will fight when you shouldn’t and be consumed by fear when you should fight.” -The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception

Endre, one’s actions and reactions are almost always situation-dependent. What is at stake? Who is doing the asking or demanding? What are the other person’s driving forces? How is your integrity with the work that needs to be done?

I have a problem with being told what to do. Or rather, I have a problem with being told how to do it. Learning to trust or not trust the source from which the directions come has been a huge lifesaver for me. When your own truth is sincere and appropriate — not so much neutral — circumstances will set themselves up for you. Sometimes, we just have to let people blow themselves up, even though their words seem to be directing the blame at you.

Just recently, I had someone try to undermine me. A woman who likes to refer to other fully-grown women as “her girls” did not like the way I was dressed nor my hairstyle. She was so upset by it, she called my boss to try to tell him I wasn’t right for the job. Her sense of control was so disrupted that she actually called my boss! My boss knows my history, though, that I get in, get the job done, and leave quietly. This was truth that he could stand on while trying to calm the woman. Turns out, she is known as a high-maintenance client, which everyone would rather not deal with. I have to let it go, even though the internal dialogue tries to remind me of it daily. Strangely, I’ve been getting compliments from other clients about how they like my hair. It makes me laugh out loud, but I can’t explain why without giving more life to the past situation.

So fight when you need to, but know when to and when not to.

Luma: Your question brings to mind what Lujan wrote about in Shadow’s in the twilight in terms of confrontation that cannot be avoided. One acts but does not become emotionally attached to the situation. This is the challenge. So in a sense, always balanced rather than neutral. If emotions remain then one has become attached to the linear events and there is something internally causing this. Here is where the reviewing is so beneficial. Trapped wind will always invite this, either as a means of allowing resolution or energizing beliefs.

There is a reflective component in every situation, unless one can be in a position of pure intent. One can look at the ‘opponent’ and call upon knowledge to box him/her into a judgement: they have this problem, they are this or that, they are a poison dragon or it’s their shadow or blah, blah, blah. Be that as it may, this is the way it is. This is the path we’ve chosen and it’s here because it needs to be. Wrapping oneself in a knowledge bubble in the belief of superiority is simple avoidance and stagnation. The sorcerers fell for this and some still do. Then one cannot move through the energetics of the first two attentions.

Once any knowledge is used as outward reflective inventory, to me it is useless as it maintains the reality. I don’t want to entrap myself by maintaining a battle that no longer serves any purpose other than maintaining an energetic loop. The fragmented social self has to be resolved, and the social construct is the best training ground there is. Dragon level training ground.

I would like to know more about the wind too. When Lujan wrote about it, for me I saw an open door and an energy- foreign- entering. I saw this along time ago too, in the context of the shadow’s intrusion and the wind shadow entities. I felt is as an energetic imposition that destabilizes the balance required to act with integrity. It could manifest as parasites, or emotions that trap one in loops, or both. I will ask about this in the blog. Notice that in the blog he refers to one’s own wind creating the poison dragon or white tiger. Geez, I see so much of myself in either. Do I react to situations as a white tiger or poison dragon?

It is funny Lujan speaks of fire turtles helping dispel these ‘winds.’ When I’ve done fire turtles is when I feel dragon energy the strongest. The pain makes me want to roar and not be defeated by perceived limitations! Come to think of it, I have only heard dragons purr…

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