The following is a testimonial from a student who has undertaken the Transformational Healing and Meditation program. These online sessions are offered on a private tuition basis – where you receive personalized attention from Lujan Matus – and they take place via Skype.

This program is available at limited times throughout the year. Applications are now being accepted for positions between February-May 2014. Following these dates the program will not be available again until November 2014.


When Lujan began explaining what we would be doing during the first session I was very excited. Ever since I begun learning his shamanic techniques I understood what was driving intense feelings of energy distortion: the internal dialogue.

I have worked so hard to try to silence it, finding pockets of silent moments here and there, yet my mind would always return to it. It’s like a neurosis or emotional roller coaster that doesn’t stop and I found exhausting.

Lujan said that Carlos Castaneda’s ideas had “wet people’s lips. I want to quench their thirst”, he said.

Truly, what Lujan teaches doesn’t compare to Castaneda’s teachings. Castaneda teaches ideas. Lujan teaches techniques. One can know all there is to know about the internal dialogue: what it means, how it works, what it does; but doesn’t mean one knows how to stop it. Lujan’s techniques can.

The exercises were so easy. First he showed me how to realign my gaze and place my eyes internally. This woke up every cell in my skin and heightened my sensual and energetic acuity. It was like my body was awakened into recognizing a primal and highly sensitive state.

I am so aware of the lower part of my body now, and I clearly recognize this because for years I have felt disconnected from the waist down in my day to day activities. Walking around today felt really magical. I felt whole.

Next, he showed me how to awaken my sense of hearing and stop the internal dialogue by ‘listening to what cannot be heard.’ So instant, so powerful. The change of this has been dramatic and has had instant health benefits. I have allergies and I wake up every morning with sinus inflammation, no matter the diet I eat. Not today. For the first time in months I had clear sinuses. This tells me that my energy was used for real healing at night, and that inflammation has eased. I found it hard to sleep last night because I felt so alert and aware.

I could keenly hear my heart beat and pulse laying down. Yet, though I hardly slept, I feel refreshed and so very calm. Walking around today I am so attuned to sounds, while internally I feel so peaceful. The environment and my body are deeply connected through the subtle vibration waves of particles interacting and emitting sound.

One other amazing effect. While he showed me the techniques I sensed a golden bubble inside my heart center, and as I practiced this bubble grew and grew. It was so calming and relaxing I wanted to stay there. It was like switching a warm light inside a dark room. Using the ‘listening technique’ takes me there instantly. I feel that bubble of silence expand within and around me. The warm glow is there and it is palpable at all times.

This is a joy I wish to share with everyone. This is hard to explain, but it is like we have all been waiting for that song to be sang that would finally help us connect to the internal reservoir of power and silence. There is a sound, and it cannot be heard, and Lujan can teach you how to listen.