Here are answers to questions that arose from the blog post about Sleep Paralysis: The Shaman’s Approach.

If anybody else has any other inquiries, please don’t hesitate. I will answer them on this blog.

Martial Arts and Personal Power

Question from Brigitte:

Thank you all for sharing your experiences! I really appreciate to read all that different stories.
As child I had bad nightmares, that time I learned how to wake up intentionally and then how to control the dream. And still so much to learn about it. How to behave in this worlds.

I have one big question and I would be glad if you can share your experiences on this subject too.

As I understood, best is to observe, to wait, not to fight.
Does this also apply for the 3rd dimension? And why is it then so important to learn martial arts? Is there any situation where we really have to defend our self? Is fighting against someone always an illusion because we are always hurting our self?

Answer: If you are in dreams and experiencing conflict, it simply is a reflection of not resolving the dilemmas in your waking life.

I have a very old system that dates back over 30,000 years. Bon Buddhist monks were the first ever to have been taught Lo Ban Pai. All of my system has embedded within it natural dynamics that can be applied esoterically and physically.

Martial arts is a very powerful way to express Lo Ban Pai. But in essence, that is never the focus.

When you feel as strong as an oak tree, and balance your power with your roots deep in the ground, when a strong wind blows this is the expression – the ultimate power of that being – to stand firm when being challenged. This reflects all life.

So if one does not have the power to stand strong then obviously they will topple.

It is not a fight. It just is.

Out of Body Experiences

Question from Sugrue:

Lujan, what if one finds themselves fully outside their sleeping body? Past the dream images, past the immobile physical body, and about ten meters away? Is this also a dangerous situation as regards the inorganic influence?

Answer: This is all the same; whether you see yourself within your dreams or you see yourself projected beyond the dreamscape within. You are still dreaming.

Being lucid is not where the danger lies. The danger is within the waking world where all your inconsistencies divert you from your purpose.

So when the forceful nature of indulgence – which seems passive in comparison to being overtly active – occurs, the danger is in the depletion of one’s will to succeed through the indulgence itself.

To see yourself outside of the body is our ability to project our photonic eye as if upon a movie screen we see ourselves watching ourselves. This is a practice ground only for the third and fourth attention. And there is no danger unless you beckon unseen forces to accompany you.

Then if you do beckon you will be like a child whose inner feelings may become directed, thereby falling into a similar trap as before. One’s very weaknesses and indulgence are the inorganic’s key to manipulate your central core of power.

Yet both waking indulgences and being manipulated are one and the same once again. You cannot move that which is immovable. Thus we meet once again another facet of the petty tyrant.

The Double and Photonic Potential

Question from Xan:

Very fascinating subject with an interesting synchronicity.

I was practicing in the daily world conscruct a posture that Lujan taught me just some days before. It’s a static posture and is connected to a specific animal. Maybe Lujan will describe more about it. After the practice I relaxed on the couch. It was on the first floor and my partner was sitting next to me reading something. I fall asleep…

…I waked up in the dreaming construct. While it looked somehow different it felt very similar to the daily construct house where I was sleeping. My partner who sat next to me in the daily construct was in the dreaming construct, too. We talked about a topic and then I went to an another room on the second floor in the small house. And suddenly I realised that I missed to do my special routine to distinguish if I’m in the daily or the dreaming world construct now. I felt uncomfortable and asked my self how in the world I could missed to do it… and started to figure out what I should do next. I went to a nearby room and looked in to the mirror,… I was the same like the one who was sleeping in the daily world construct, even the clothes.
The visual view start to change,.. it was like looking through some kind of liquid… I try to change it but I couldn’t….

Suddenly I was back in the body of the daily life construct,… the liquid vision was the same like in the dream, but much more brighter through the day light. I couldn’t move my body. I was aware that my partner was still sitting next to me. I’ve tried to move my arm,…no chance, It felt like extreme heavy honey. Than I started to try to say something…., but no way, too.-) Ok… what to do now? Without to think about I tried to move my self that was still in the dreaming construct in front of the mirror upstairs and to make something noisy… I expected to hear a sound downstairs where I was sleeping or at least ask afterwards my partner nearby if there was a sound upstairs….
Only some seconds later the heavy mess start to dissolve and I awakened up fully in the daily construct and started to talk with my partner and ask if there was any sound coming from upstairs… but my partner didn’t hear any sound, at least not something that was obvious.

I’ve explained to my partner that if I’ll make any soft or whimper sounds in the future while I’m sleeping, .. to wake me gently up.

At the same day this new blog artical was posted.

Lujan, ….is this somehow connect to the posture I’ve practiced?

And is there any kind of connection to the awareness of the double (4th attention) or was this more a photonic potential of the third eye experience?

Answer: Your experience was borne of your photonic potential. The posture just adjusted your perception so that you could lucidly project within your waking world while you were sleeping.

This is a tiger posture and the byproduct of this form of kung fu is always lucidity. This is one of the postures from Shadow Fist Fundamentals.

The reason for experiences like this to be validated through corroboration is that when the visual pictorial imagery of the third eye gathers momentum, one appears within oneself seemingly paradoxically outside of themselves within the dreaming reality. Then one may appear within waking reality – as you have recently experienced – as a dream projection, watching all aspects of our waking world.

This is one of the vital keys that was never taught by Castaneda. Once you appear in your normal waking world examining every aspect of what is truly there, your energy body rings with a specific frequency and this calls the real double to come closer and truly interact.

For everybody this manifestation occurs differently. For myself I have been seen many times within very close proximity of where I am awake; not sleeping.

This confirmation can only be verified by those who spot you in two places at once. As soon as the double is seen by a cohort, once they remove their eyes to visually locate where your physical body is, the double always disappears at this stage.