The eight gates online sessions are taught via Skype. It is amazing to think about the fact that Lujan was speaking from the other side of the globe (he was in Istanbul and I was in New York between several time zones) and yet he seemed to be right next to me as he walked me through the 8 Gates via our dialogue. It was like having a conversation with someone familiar – someone as close as a friend. Yet I have not met him personally. His distinct laughter echoed in my ears and etched in my memory through the days to come.

Lujan has an uncanny way of putting me at ease so that I immediately arrived at a meditative zone. His words, if I can describe it were like a living pathway, directing my attention to an inner journey;  a journey to my body consciousness. He taught me how to redirect my sense of sight and sound with the use of the breath as an anchor. The result is the arrival of a profound silence. I was surprised at how I easily achieved this knowing that on my own, it was quite an effort to arrive at the point when the internal chatter stops.

There was several weeks between the first and second session. It was a good break so that I was able to practice the lessons learned in the first session before the next lesson began. The second session was even more profound to say the least. As I was learning all the 8 Gates, I experienced the whole body as a vibrant, living consciousness. Lujan commented that this was how humans were long ago in the natural world. What separated me from perceiving this wonderful state of being was the the veil of the internal dialogue.

It has been several weeks after our two hour long sessions yet the effects of learning the 8 Gates have rippled into my daily life in unimaginable ways. The inner silence gave me a perspective coming from the center of my being. This has given me moments of great gratitude for the many blessings that came my way. The peace it engendered gave me more tolerance towards others. It has guided some major decisions. It has also rippled in my dreams. There were dreams when I experienced that I was as aware  as in the daily living construct but the visual effects such as colors were somehow enhanced.

The eight gates of dreaming awake delivered what it proposed to achieve in the guidance of a true teacher with astonishing results. I was not expecting much from a two hour long session especially when done via the internet. Yet technology has given us an avenue of making real connections no one has imagined before.

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