Small Mountain was my second program on this visit following a week of learning Whispering Palms. This meant my palms were already very active and performing Small Mountain in this state is a very different experience.

Learning the Form

Because Small Mountain is a sister form of the Jaguar, learning it was a whole lot easier. The Jaguar took me two weeks to get. Lujan has standardized the programs recently, so new students should not have this problem, because they will have learned most of the basic movement architecture by the time they reach intermediate level and will have energy in their palms activated.


Lujan is meticulous about the details and ensures one understands, but more importantly that one ‘gets it with the body’ by performing the movements until one can feel them work. Lujan taught me a novel way to use bio-feedback in training that allows me to self-correct my movements when I practice at home, so it flows and works with the body and energy flow, and works as a fighting form.

Energy Cultivation

As a fast coiling set, Small Mountain generates high amounts of energy in the body. Like the Jaguar series, It also teaches a certain skill at following energy at high speed. One can notice immediately when one loses the physical flow, and with it the link between the palms and the energy paths around the body. While most Eastern energy cultivation practices comprise slow movements, this is a full-speed practice.  This energy is then applied in the Three Treasures, but also in Small Mountain itself.

Integrating the form into the Three Treasures Set

Since it is designed to fit into the Three Treasures with the Jaguar Series, my Three Treasures practice is now complete. After only a few days the difference is clear. The complete Three Treasures is at once challenging physically and rewarding energetically.

Martial form

I have a love for traditional Chinese martial arts, and since Lujan is passionate about it the stage was set. Small Mountain teaches and drills more signature movements of the Shadow Fist system. Bio-shock: While I have studied Chinese martial arts for many years, I never quite got the ‘combat state’ activated. Lujan had me apply the Small Mountain by crossing hands with him. We were both shocked by the sudden change in how I moved. That resolve and focus was suddenly there as if my magic. This despite my not having studied kung fu with Lujan yet.

With learning going well, Lujan shared many applications of Small Mountain and it was astounding to see how a few unique principles can both create such a wide range of effective applications, and set one up to have advantage in combat. Lujan does not deal in theoretical techniques. Shadow Fist is an up-close, direct, deal-closing system designed to work. I can’t wait to learn the rest!

The Learning Experience with Lujan

Just great thanks! As a Nagual, Lujan is direct and to the point. He remains focussed and ensures larning sinks in before moving on. Lujan is also kind, generous and on the side of the best in you. I always enjoy learning with Lujan.

Since Lujan is the product of what he teaches, this alone would keep me coming back to learn. No matter the program you take, you will always receive more, since Lujan will give as much as you can take.

Thank you again Lujan. Your gifts, time and attention are most appreciated.