When I reflect upon my time in Bali with Lujan my body is filled with magic. On my individual path I have gained so much just from being around him, interacting with him, watching him interact with others, his loved ones, and friends. I was skeptical before I had met him, even after having explored his peerless work through the multitude of posts on the forum, and his brilliant book. I am now convinced. This man is an absolute consummate master. A true magician. To bear witness to a man who is divinely connected to spirit was a blessing. I felt cradled in his presence. Unusually at peace.

Through my life I had built up such a rigidity in terms of the conceptualizations that I felt were the necessary outlines one must embody in order to be ‘spiritual’. Being around Lujan was radically shifting in these terms, unbelievable, and so pleasantly relaxing. There is such a naturalness with this man, only reminiscent of children at play, liquidity. He started something in me which is still unfolding, the derailment of my past, and its effect on the present moment. My essential self is now within reach through the awakening which is happening all over my body.

I have struggled with deep emotional issues for about 7 years. I was unable to, of myself, come to terms with what was happening within me, I was unable to grasp how I was constructing my reality, I was a very miserable man. Everything has changed since I met Lujan. He was sensitive to my needs, he delicately gave all of his being to my issues and concerns, and made certain I would leave with what it is I needed to start the formless ball rolling. Just writing this, I am becoming filled with gratitude and gracious love.

In Bali I took Lujan’s Dragons Tears and Tapping classes.

Firstly, Dragons Tears are visually the most beautiful form of movement I have come across. They have the aesthetic semblance of primal eras of wizardry, the mystic feeling of times before time, and the magically powerful ancient texture of being in dreams. After Practice, I experience an overwhelming calmness within my heart region. One becomes collected, and tranquil, and the effects linger onward. This is a gem I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Tapping I see personally as a necessary tool that everyone should be engaging. It is the complete physical and energetic workout and awakening arrangement. In terms of the physicality, every part of the body is strengthened, revivified, stimulated, and activated daily. No matter what I am experiencing emotionally before I commence, after I finish I am contained, and eager for the days events. Energetically I have found that Tapping diverts awareness and energy to necessary elements of the physicality rendering the mind obsolete. The practice is consuming to the extent that one has no choice but to enter the nonce. And once this is experienced, the minds constant direction becomes muted gradually. Vast amounts of awareness can be accessed from this practice.

I have read numerous accounts of the enchantment people were experiencing upon visiting Lujan. I was inspired by them. However, being with him was such a beautiful thing, completely beyond the syntax used to share the experiences. The depth hidden beyond the words presents itself in his presence. This man has been gifted from beyond this world, and it can be experienced in a very real sense. Lujan is a wellspring of hope.

These are the things dreams are made of.

Lujan, thank you from my heart.

Las Vegas, USA