On the evening of May 22nd 2008 Lujan introduced me to a gazing technique he called Gateway Gazing.

The experience was to become the most profound and dramatic of the many gazing techniques Lujan taught me during my week in Bali.

The technique began innocently enough with a couple of plants . After going through several steps which resulted in the plants becoming luminous. Lujan caught me off guard and had me switch my gaze to a star that was approximately directly above the plants in our field of view.

This resulted in the plants that I was still watching out of my peripheral vision changing color in a manor that I can best describe as a very dramatic light show at a very good dance club. The plants appeared to be encased in a room with lights of every color imaginable flashing brightly and randomly.

At this point I was content to simply watch the spectacle in front of me however something even more profound happened as the star we were gazing at appeared to blink brightly several times then extinguish.

At this point Lujan became quite enthusiastic, I on the other hand reverted to using my rational mind which suddenly switched back on to explain the phenomena I had just witnessed.

Lujan, as usual a few steps ahead challenged me to look for the clouds I silently needed to complete my explanation with. Upon closer inspection of course there were no clouds in the vicinity of the now missing star.

What’s more the surrounding stars were still present and accounted for. After our usual (debriefing ) and several more attempt at finding the missing star which persisted the following 2 nights, I was forced to come to the conclusion that the star had indeed burned out in a most spectacular fashion before my very eyes. The ramifications of this event are and will likely continue to affect me in untold ways. Perhaps someday I will even find my now missing star.

Michael Walking Bear,