I am sitting here in Costa Rica a week after my Windlock tuition with Lujan. The changes that have taken place and which continue to morph inside myself are plenty. There are so many directions and levels that this practice has pierced within my construct. At one point I left the day’s practice with a feeling I have if someone I’m close to has died – without the grief. I walked away, everything looked the same, the grass, trees, buildings – but it was a different world and I was new to it.

In just two weeks of practicing Windlock I have become stronger muscularly all over my body. I also feel it mirroring a strength brewing within myself. All of the movements have martial art or close quarter combat applications which Lujan demonstrated. This for me was about learning how to protect my space – knowing when to start and stop.

My energy has increased – even after a 3 hour practice daily, I’m not tired. I look forward to it every morning. After my practice, my energy is centred and silent and this follows me through the day.

At one point I felt a heat in my feet and legs and sometimes there are little electric pricks of energy, mostly in my legs.

The greatest gift was the realization that I don’t need anything at all. I feel so complete physically and energetically. It’s a space that I could explore for quite some time and works very well with the Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake. I look to what the next few months will reveal through my practice.