I spent two wonderful weeks with Lujan in Bali. We did the Dragon’s Tears and Energy Tapping. The Dragon’s Tears is just beautiful. I was feeling tranquil and hypnotized by watching the hand movements. The movements are so graceful, so nice.

Lujan said, when the hands are performing the movements, they move along the surrounding luminous fibers and leave a trace on the body sphere, like a stamp. This stamp is knowledge acquired by the body, and it is automatically remembered in everyday life. Lujan said, in ancient China calligraphy was the same principle. The graceful movements of calligraphy were accumulated into the body.

The body sphere has numerous possible traces, which correspond to numerous possible ways of movements. They are already there, yet unknown. Dragon’s Tears enlightens what was previously unknown, dark, which means it shifts perception to unexplored territory.

Energy Tapping is difficult but is worth the effort. It is a complete set of internal work. It has such a big variety of exercises that every tendon is engaged and all the meridians are accessed.

The centers are compressed, which cuts the flow to the meridians. Then the centers are released
flooding the meridians, which returns to the person as a feeling of inner calmness and joy. This is how we were, what we’ve lost and forgotten.

Now the body knows what to look for, and by knowing it is becoming it. How we were not strictly speaking in the past, but how we were ideally outside of time. And we have forgotten by being within a linear time line, or, equally, within confined space.

Lujan is a very strong man, and at the same time very kind. He was helping me and encouraging me throughout the whole training. He is strong with people when need be, when people are behaving weak. He is strong for them, not against them, so that neither he nor the other person is weakened. The strength he displays actually is passed down to the other person.

At first I was complaining about the difficulty of the exercises, he said “stop bitching”. Later he said, “your face has changed, where did that bitch go? I see the face of a strong young boy now.”

Another highlight that really impacted me was when he said “turn the pain into power”. Another
highlight: me: “I’m crazy”, Lujan: “That’s the only sensible thing you said today”.

Lujan is really kind and loving to people, and he is giving credit to people’s effort. His jokes made me feel comfortable.

That was it, 2 weeks in Bali. I loved the nature, I loved the food, I loved the girls on the beach, I loved the Tears, I loved the Tapping, I loved the meditation and gazing. Most of all I loved discussing with Lujan.

Till we meet again.

My thoughts after a conversation with Lujan:

A myth is outside of time, constantly reshaping with our evolving awareness. In everyday life, each time an ambitious or predatory person is fluxing inorganic energy to distort reality for his own sake, or locate a victim, a small part of that myth is re-enlivened.

What saved/saves humanity from total degeneration was/is the fighting spirit, the spirit of the Warrior. The fighting spirit within martial arts and within the war dance is more help than one has ever hoped for.

The fighting spirit is undermined by pity. A person perplexed in pity will indulge into the bitter-sweet state of retirement-despair, or will find all sorts of justifications for peoples’ unfair deeds, and because of these and many other complexities, the person will not fight.

A warrior in the place of no pity is free of this perplexing process. His fighting spirit is no longer threatened by pity. A warrior is not cruel. He has heart. Witnessing the cruelty in the world outside of him, his heart is crying. But he has no pity.

A warrior is impeccable, since with his heart open he retains his fighting spirit under the circumstances presented. Over-amplification of the yang element would also mean destruction. The fighting spirit would be replaced by killing frenzy, and carnage will reign.

Today in the world, what reigns isn’t carnage, but cold-blooded stagnant peace-perfection. This is what law enforcement is doing, establishing cold-blooded peace.