I feel like every part of me has been put through the ringer and come out stronger; with the potential to access more energy as I continue to practice containing the leaks. Thank you Lujan; for your patience, your pure heart, your wisdom and for taking that stand for me. I came to Bali to bring light to the darkest shadows, and you enabled me to bear witness to that which I denied, which I had kept hidden within me; that which directed each of my interactions and clouded my heart – the controlling, and the many forms of manipulation. For that I am grateful.

The combination of the Tapping and Tears in the morning, the healing treatments and deep relaxations in the afternoons, and the gazing techniques and walks at night have transformed how I see the world, how I see myself in relation to others and as a result, the way I choose to behave.

After leaving Bali, the process of integration continues. I now have access to something deeper, clearer, and more pure. It is my responsibility and I am responsible. There are moments I feel completely insane as my internal chatter tries to take control and I continue to challenge these shadows. In those moments I have to remember to wait… and
to anchor myself in the stillness of my heart, for there-in lies the answer.

I am not what I thought I was. The world is not what I thought it was. And as if that wasn’t powerful enough, Lujan you then plucked a star from the sky.

Melbourne, Australia