My one week visit to Lujan Matus –to learn Dragon’s Tears and Energy Tapping was the most worthwhile and amazing experience. Here are some notable aspects of my experience. Good descriptions of Dragon’s Tears and Tapping can be found elsewhere.


During the week, Lujan used opportunities to ‘confront’ my destructive or negative behaviours. This means when he hears me speak an un-truth he immediately confronts me about it. He calls a spade ‘a spade’. Because we both know it’s the truth and because he does not back-off, there is no rationalising it away or putting it off. You have to face it right there.

Confrontations were instructional, scary, intense, eye-opening, unwanted, sudden, emotional, harrowing and uncompromising. And, I doubt any of the confrontations took more than 3 minutes. Lujan made sure I had put myself back together again sufficiently before the next confrontation –because, confrontations, most literally, shook me to pieces. The point however is growth in truth, not Castigation.

Confrontations had me realise the lengths I had gone to, and was willing to go to, to lie, to myself and others.

Incredibly, the power that drives these transformative encounters appears to be nothing other than ‘the truth’ –that’s all that ‘confronts’ one. After my experience I’ll tell you this: Nothing stands against the truth.

Throughout the week Lujan discussed several things that pertain to me personally. This was very insightful and valuable in its direct applicability.


Lujan did not just teach Energy Tapping to me, he did it with me. Tapping opens channels in the body to assist in discovery and confrontation of hidden stuff that robs one of energy. It is demanding and designed to remain demanding as one progresses. Three mornings that week my shorts and T-shirt were fully drenched with sweat by the end of the 2 hour session.


Despite experience in learning movement forms, I struggled initially with learning the Dragon’s Tears, and the cause of that was the topic of another confrontation. This was another lesson in how self-deception leads to self-sabotage. After that I got it together. After some practice, some of these movements have begun to click somehow with what seems to be my body. I cannot say my mind comprehends it. It is unlike anything 7 years of dedicated Taijiquan practice has yielded. Of note is a sense of flowing.


Since I had martial art experience, Lujan incorporated this base of existing strengths and shared additional aspects with me both in Energy Tapping and Dragon’s Tears. In Tapping this included additional exercises for chi/qi development and training ‘iron shirt’ skill. In Dragon’s Tears more advanced approaches and movements were shared.

It would be an error to see either of these regimens as merely energy, physical, or martial arts training.


At night Lujan taught gazing. Already on the first evening my ‘vision’ started to open. Gazing is a down-to-earth practice that is easy to do.

On the fourth night I got to experience formlessness consciously through gazing. Lujan was showing me how to make a star disappear as routine part of the practice, and it just wouldn’t work. Having read about it in testimonials I obviously wanted to see it. Lujan mentioned that he wonders what about my belief system is blocking this.

(However, there was something else: I really wanted to find out about Recapitulation while in Bali. But I forgot about it completely, and at that point it was the farthest thing from my mind.)

After voicing this, Lujan promptly moved on with the gazing session and guided me into a state of formlessness (yes- it is real!). At some point the use of gazing for recapitulation just ‘dawned’. Lujan explained it as if it had been there forever. Incredible! Somehow the need gets met –even though I forgot about it. Also, Lujan’s display of fluidity was an education in itself, since it was the direct enabler for this method to materialise.


I bear witness: Lujan proves that being fully in your truth, being impeccable, being who you are is not only possible, but the only worthwhile way to be. He proved that by being that.
I agree with all the wonderful traits, characteristics, etc. others attribute to him in their testimonials. How does someone you’ve just met feel like a best friend?
I believe spending time with Lujan on any endeavour would be valuable because he is impeccably formless.

While Lujan delivers, I am responsible to put the learning into practice.
I’ve booked to visit Lujan again and something in me, is already scared. I say this not as a warning, but as a knowing that Lujan will meet his mandate no matter the obstacles or my attempts to duck-and-dive the truth.

I thank you Nagual Lujan Matus. I wish words could convey the depth.

South Africa