The Team

I can say I met extraordinary people. The Team was amazing, providing guidance through the Dragon’s Tears movement series, as well as in creating an atmosphere of love, patience and support, surrounding all of us, the students.

I had the honor of meeting them all and spending time with them, and can say I have 5 new friends for life… And they have my friendship, unconditionally….

I have the amazing experience of looking myself in each and everyone’s eyes, but at the same time, I also saw each and every one of them, with their own essence, so unique… So true… It was as if I already have met all of them, a feeling so familiar…

There was also something amazing, and it was the ease of Lujan to cut through our facades, but with so much love, compassion and tact that all of the hearts of the participants opened to such a degree that we shared tears of joy, tears of sadness, tears of surrender and tears of hope. As a matter of fact, I think more than 5 marriages were ‘saved’

The Dragon’s Tears

The movements are incredible. I have had a little experience with martial arts, but this was something completely different… It was a communion of energy and art, and being aware of this interaction was eye (and ‘mind’) opening.

The movements are so fluid and perfect, that at some point I “saw” music, a symphony, a pas de deux with its own overture, movements and tempo, closing and chorus… Again, art manifested in our own bodies.

The more we were advancing into the full set of the Dragon’s Tears, the more we open, the more energy filled the room, at a point where the last day, the ‘heat’ was overwhelming. (Perhaps I should change ‘heat’, for the manifestation of energy, electromagnetism, emanating from our own selves).

Also as we became more proficient, the movements started to make sense by themselves, to a point where every movement felt ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ when not performed as it should be. There is very little room for error, it feels ‘just right’ if done properly -but of course, like anything, practice permeates the movements into ourselves. As the movement becomes unconscious, the ‘magic’ manifests more and more.

At the end of the practice days, I found myself in a different level of attention (or consciousness)… In my own experience, I was able to gaze at the stars and feel a connection with my heart center, while also being able to see the auric emanation of trees in the surrounding areas… Everything was just radiant… Everything was just perfect.

It is very difficult to put in words all that was opened within myself, my own experience at the learning and practice of The System…

Quoting Lujan’s words, “…Everything is a gesture…” And I’ll make my life a gesture to The Infinity, hoping I can leave something behind me… Hoping I can take something with me; A gesture, an emotion….

Wishing nothing but the best for each and every one of you.

With love,
Miami, Florida