I went to meet Lujan after having communicated with him online for a couple of years. I felt it would be beneficial to learn dragon’s tears and tapping and my wife wanted to do shamanic healing. Lujan called us a day later to stop by and visit, he was much different in person than I expected him to be. I knew he was powerful but I didn’t envision him being so light and humorous.

Everything was enjoyable with him because of his approach. I was able to see my path much clearer talking with and just being around him. I felt completely silent and empty for nearly the entire two weeks there.

The tears was immediately altering, I saw Lujan’s head as a ball of white light just from executing the first movements with him. My hands felt and then looked like thick watery gloves were over them with a numbing sensation in my fingers. I feel as if I have been in a deep meditation after each session. I have been doing both practices for a month now and feel the effects keeping me feeling centered and feeling very resilient physically.

The tapping was very challenging, I wasn’t aware that I could work out so intensely on a daily basis. Although it is very challenging it is very rewarding and enjoyable as well. I notice I prefer doing both practices in very dim lighting as my eyes become very sensitive.

At one point after doing tapping with Lujan, I experienced a formless state of becoming everything around me and losing my body, my surroundings appeared like shiny black liquid and I felt limitless. Afterwards I felt like something energetic had been cleared and was allowed to flow freely mostly in my chest.

Since this everything not only feels but looks different, especially light, it looks thicker now and more brilliant, like there is more substance to it. When I first finished and went outside everything looked like a glowing painting and still does after each execution. Lujan pointed out to me exactly what is delivered from the practice that day outside his house, every day I look and see the same depth and mystery now.

Forms appear to be very fluid visually, especially living beings I often see fluctuating light within now. I also feel everything with greater intensity, yet with more detachment.

Lujan saw me differently than anyone else and to a greater depth. His responses shattered everything I had doubted and avoided about myself. I was most altered by his encouragement, that I could extend myself and assist in positive change. I find myself unconcerned with things which used to bother me now in my daily life. Primarily pressures and influences from my environment, I feel very shielded and unavailable now, despite the fact that they are even more obvious.

What I received from Lujan was a great service and gift of his knowledge and friendship. Both practices are useful with consistently powerful and immediate results. States and insights which can take lifetimes to reach suddenly become available.

The fact that they further increase awareness and energy through daily execution illustrated to me the investment they are as opposed to simply being a cost. I have no doubts I have a made a wise investment in this endeavor. I recommend anyone who seeks to empower themselves to visit him.

All of our accommodations were very affordable and tasteful and the island was very lovely. The only thing I will try and do differently next time is to stay longer and learn more.
With love.

Two lizards
United States