Are we possessed through our possessions? Are we willing and capable at getting to the bottom and reveal the things we vehemently defend and guard – and if not, why not? What is it and how does it block us from ourselves?

When something is allowed to masquerade within us – it becomes us. Over time any distinction fuses in our minds and detection itself becomes the dilemma. As long as it remains there and we approach it intellectually, we reason and rally our defenses to defy truth itself in order to protect and even proliferate. This is nefarious, this is elusive, this is fixation.

This defiance, through which we boldly proclaim our individuality or independence, serves to buttress looping knots that merely reinforce and uphold a steel mask.What better defense than the labyrinth of the mind – brilliant if you ask me.

Believe me, I know, I just lived through the pain of facing fixation. I hid behind my defenses until I met the only man to see right through them.

And I was confronted with them by the Nagual.

The ease with which he slips behind them and reveals you is quite unnerving – nowhere to escape easily like can be done here. And believe me there is no hiding from the truth or running to mommy. Letting go feels nothing short of a battle for your life, and some part of you dies along the way.

The choice is clear: release and free yourself of this parasite, or reinforce your battle lines and defend with all your might against the vulnerability that comes with accepting your own heart.

The choice though clear, is far from easy.Only when the incessant yammering of the mind wanes are the scales tipped which gives rise to the heart. Once there, dialogue interference is exposed for what it is – a farce. The heart knows this, and our intellectual posturing gets trumped by the revelations of our truth.

To claim otherwise, or to view and filter this process through the mind is simply holding on to manipulation. When we are manipulated in this way it may be hard to recognize, because that’s what interference does. But we feel it, and in silence it becomes undeniable.

Even if we can’t reach that place of silent reflection, it shows through our need to control and in our judgments. But our heart, our truth won’t accept interference, or allow us to interfere. When our heart opens it breaks and remains vulnerable, but the rotting carcass of manipulation eventually dissolves like smoke.

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day. But it sure as hell can burn to the ground in one when the gale force winds of the Nagual blow…

Howard, USA