It was to be a powerful journey. I was a student of Lujan’s when i was a nineteen year old and he had a great impact on me then; a special person teaching more than meets the eye. Fifteen years later we would meet again in Bali where I underwent private tuition in The Dragon’s Tears.

The Tears are such a gracious, powerful form that are so invigorating. From the moment you begin the movements you instantly feel the flow. It is like your hands shouldn’t be anywhere else.

On the third day of training came the turning point of my journey. As I was to show Lujan what I had learnt in the previous two days of training I began the Tears and suddenly went blank, yet I knew the first sequences. Then some anger within me surfaced and my gestures became defensive. Something wanted to come out.

After being made aware of these gestures we sat down facing one another as we would do between sets but this time would be different. Looking into each others eyes I saw something quite amazing, within Lujan’s face I saw an octopus like effect whereby shades of luminosity seemed to pulsate around his face. This sight continued as I explained to Lujan what I was seeing.

By this time my gestures had ceased and I was filled with an overwhelming sense of calm and stillness. It also felt like a part of Lujan had gone inside me. This was a truly magical experience.

While practicing the Tears poolside at the hotel before our last session a butterfly started to fly around me. Beckoning it with my open palm it landed on it. I turned my hand upside down then back again and it stayed clinging on as it waited for a moment then flew off, so delicate. It was such a fitting moment.

Take a journey, step out of your comfort zone and not only will you leave with a beautifully powerful form in the Dragon´s Tears you will experience the profound energy and warmth of the Nagual Lujan. I look forward to the next phase when I see him again. Many thanks Lujan!.