Talking with Lujan Matus on skype has all the elements of observing a modern ballet. One participates within the parameters of enjoyment and admiration for such a high craft…for such a high craftsman…one becomes aware of self-imposed limitation by interacting with one who has transcended limitation.

The conversations are set pieces in a spontaneous collaboration of background and props as the music of one’s life. One becomes aware of the caricature that one embraces as a description of self…and the process away from this illusion is begun.

Lujan transmits a portal…a seed of a new way of being…carried on the sound vibrations of his voice. I found behind the pragmatic and honest response to my voice an intimacy I had never experienced before…he had presented my face to my self. The beginning of finding myself in everything.

I thoroughly recommend Lujan for the experience that is called tutoring…he is a craftsman of the recognition.

I await the moment to meet him in the form of person…the final act in my show