If you seek change in your life, I highly recommend going to see the Nagual Lujan Matus in Bali. This is what I did.

First I will say that upon meeting Lujan, I was struck by his strong affectionate nature and openness. I also recognized his leadership qualities and sense of responsibility towards my visit.

It is not easy to convey in words what my encounters with him were like. On one hand, he was able to touch my heart very deeply and fill me with extreme hope and comfort; I felt truly accepted for who I was in his presence. On the other hand, he relentlessly confronted false parts of me that were keeping me in captivity through repetition and unwillingness to release. He helped me to dig deeper than ever before to uncover secret aspects within. Sometimes what surfaced referred to empowering aspects that needed further cultivation, other times what became apparent were things that were holding me back from expressing my personal power.

While in his presence, there were indications from spirit, also known as omens that pointed out matters of significance. The memories of these occurrences have become “symbolic lessons” to be assimilated into awareness to enhance my understanding of how to proceed in dreaming myself forward.

Lujan used massage techniques to bring forth physical strength and healing. He also taught me gazing techniques that had a profound effect. The techniques produced altered states of awareness and greatly increased my inner silence. I look forward to implementing these techniques here at home, as their beneficial qualities are extreme.

He was truly of service to me and gave me his all as he said he would do.

All else I can say is that I simply love Lujan with my being. I really, really enjoyed his company. His heart is very giving, his power is very strong, his mind empty. Go see him, he will help you to reclaim your power.