It’s thirty days post-visit with the nagual Lujan Matus. It’s becoming more and more apparent every day now that SOMEthing has been blown wide open “in” me; where, I don’t know. The World feels lighter, I’m beginning to see countless things — both with the eyes and with the whole body. There are memories surfacing from somewhere, as well. Some of them are so far back in time that I doubt I would have ever thought about them again before my death takes me if this opening — or this “release” — had not occurred.

Another thing I’ve found is that the teachings as put forth in the books of the nagual Carlos Castaneda, as taught to him by the nagual Juan Matus, are defining themselves within my understanding. What were once to me just strange comments by Juan to Carlos in their dialogues are now being clearly understood. Topics — like freeing energy from within in order to recall — are becoming a bodily knowledge.

I would say the reason why words are so difficult to use to express the shift is because this new understanding that is presenting itself is more of whole-body type of thing; as if it’s chemical. The world of man is compartmentalized; we have been taught, intentionally or not, to ignore SO much more than meets the mind’s eye.

Intent is lightening quick. And there really are “lines” all over the world!!!