Ivan’s mother was very sick and couldn’t stand up or walk because the pain was unbearable for her. And after two months of just eating fruit and vegetables she is dancing and laughing!

After coming back from the Philippines I went back to a fruitarian diet to recommence my journey towards healing myself completely. This story – and many others like it – is the reason why I trust eating fruits for healing.

This is Ivan Ceron, we spoke about exactly two months ago. My mom was very ill and Lujan skyped with me for an hour as he kindly answered my questions. I just wanted to write this email to thank you with all my heart ! After having shared the positive advice I was given with my mom, her health and her well being has dramatically gotten better. Her rheumatoid arthritis essentially disappeared. Up until the day you and I spoke Lujan, she could barely even make it past the first minutes of her waking time. She could barely stand up at best she could bend the joints that allowed her jaw to vocalize some words but even that hurt….. It is two months later and after completely cutting out prescription medicine, eating nothing but fruits and veggies…. everything that used to torture my mothers health is gone. She is happy and pain-free and I couldn’t thank you enough. She is a laugh-machine, she is walking, jumping, running, exercising, she has regained her strength !

I understand how key it is to be diligent about the changes we make to our bodies and I would like to be much more disciplined than I am now. Mizpah, would it be possible that you can guide me in the correct direction as far as what the ideal nutrition should entail or different types of recipes you may know of that encompass a good source of energy. I would like to learn even more about the raw food diet. Thank you in advance !

I hope you guys are doing well & that sooner than later
I will be able to come visit you personally , I look forward to
reading your next book 🙂

much love !
Ivan C

That’s so exciting. Can we post this email on our blogs?

Mizpah has written a book about the raw food diet, called The Raw Food Solution, which includes over 50 recipes and nutritional information. This book is more for a generally healthy person whereas your mother needs to follow a more strict diet.

I will be soon making available herbal remedies. It will be up on my website in about 3 months.

Lots of love

I am so excited and happy for you.

Please do ! I’d be more than flattered to share my story with everyone…. She is the one who is truly grateful, you should see the joy in her face as I look at her while I type this email… i feel her cheery , child-like attitude engulf me with love 🙂 Ever since the changes started to occur, I’ve been able to share the story with people who keep coming into my life and happen to share similar stories about their loved ones and their struggle dealing with this pain caused by prescription medicine and poor diet.

Thanks you guys ! I look forward to the book, in the meantime I do plan to learn more and more to tune the diet to an adequate formula that is optimal and free of toxins …..thank you once again ! Please let me know when/if you will be offering the Eight Gates, I am still interested 🙂

Thank you once again, my mom has healed 🙂
lots of love right back, talk to you guys soon


Photo courtesy of The Meeting Place North UK

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