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I was an avid reader of the Carlos Castaneda series of books which featured the esoteric knowledge of an Indian Sorcerer called Don Juan Matus. Don Juan was a bigger than life character who had abilities not associated with mere humans in their normal consensus. Indeed, so big as to have had books `proving’ that Don Juan was no more than an interesting book character – upon which legends of his realness would be born.

You see, some of the `new ideas’ talked about by Carlos Castaneda when he was passing along the knowledge of the Indian Sorcerer, such as controlling ones dreams via certain dream techniques, was indeed being experienced first hand by a portion of Castaneda’s readership. It hardly mattered to readers if Don Juan was real or not – some of the `knowledge’ – his knowledge, worked.

Indeed, after the passing of Don Juan from the books – the mantle of Guru fell upon Carlos Castaneda – who promptly created an on-going legacy of mysteriousness. Seemingly following closely some of his own advice – I mean – Don Juan’s advice, – such as erasing personal history and leaving a small footprint. Indeed, after Castaneda’s death and the end of his books, fans desperately wanted to have more of that unique knowledge seemingly contained within those books.

Perhaps wanting the knowledge so much so as to trigger connections to Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda, that to most of the population would certainly appear to be `near ridiculous’. One man wrote a book claiming to have BEEN Carlos Castaneda (getting his thoughts in his mind and writing them down into book form) – and, another man, well, a Shaman by the current name of Lujan Matus – who has written several books based on the knowledge he personally receives from Don Juan within his own dreams.

What’s most surprising is that in the case of Lujan Matus – he is seemingly writing with clarity about non-ordinary realities in only the manner that Don Juan seemed to previously describe them. Specifically, with his focus on building a parallel perception from gathering power via certain methods of behavior in the body, the mind and the spirit.
Does the knowledge of Don Juan exist in a reality state in which he can still actively dispense his forms of thought? Could such a `state’ exist, – a `state’ of space with knowledge, that has been attributed to this `character called Don Juan’, – that it indeed is actually `active’? Is it really impossible? Might it depend on the character of who is seeking such information? Someone such as a Shaman perhaps?

So, I picked up the first book by Lujan Matus and read it – later writing this short review:
LOVED it – one of the best books I’ve read in the last 10 years. A powerful book with powerful words that probe with insights into the human condition of awareness and actions. Lujan maintains that much of his wisdom for the book comes from visits with the Indian Sorcerer of the books of Carlos Castaneda named Don Juan Matus. Lujan takes these DREAM encounters and brings back the kernels of wisdom that do indeed seem to have ties with ancient knowledge. Much of this book is involved with perfecting actions to gain potential power of awareness – and to break ties with standard awareness.

Then, in 2010 I decided to write a `sum up’ of what remained of the whole legacy of Carlos Castaneda, and in turn Don Juan. When I wrote the legacy I included the Shaman Lujan Matus, which later prompted him to reach out to me, and a relationship was born of sorts. Lujan allowed me to interview him for my blog The Heavy Stuff and for my blog UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock. Indeed, in my first interview with Lujan, he made news by telling my readership of an exact date for an alien escalation of contact. This then resulted in additional questions to Lujan, and more importantly, his `answers’. Answers, to the special consensus of perception he seems to have access to – describing to others and raising their own consciousness too.

H.R. Phillips

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