Testimonial – Lo Ban Pai

At first I was learning Dragon’s Tears and Windlock. I liked Dragon’s Tears, but I immediately noticed that what I most urgently need is Windlock.

At that time my body was skinny and weak and I didn’t like it. I struggled on the intellectual level, with discipline and thoughts about how I’m not good enough, but my body just loved the movements. The problem was just in the mind. With everyday practice my body has become more solid and stronger, which creates more confidence in myself.

I noticed that it is very important that I do practice every day, even if I can’t do the whole set because of lack of time or energy. If I don’t do practice for a few days, it becomes very difficult for me to build the energy again and it’s looks that the real benefit of the movements is gain only if you do them every day.

When I started to learn Whispering Palms after 3 months of practicing Windlock every day, Nagual was shocked at the transformation of my physical body and by the change of my awareness.

Whispering Palms was somehow easy for me to learn and I immediately noticed that it goes very well with Windlock. It makes the legs stronger and more stable and there is really a lot of energy below the hips. Which when collected increases sensitivity and makes me more alert.

The coiling motions make the chi move in a specific way, which I experience as a jaguar moving and roaring in my chest. Fascinating.

After practicing, I sometimes for the whole day feel this energy flow from my heart, which travels like a wave to every part of my body.

Whispering Palms makes my morning practice after Windlock complete.