As I made my way up to the house in which the Nagual was staying my heart was racing. I had been engaged in Skype conversations over the internet for over a year at this point. His countless lessons had changed the very course of my life. I walked a new path now far from where I began.

For all our conversations I had never actually met the man behind the voice. Little did I know how different life was about to become.

I stepped through the door and we made our first greetings. I was overwhelmed with the sense of having seen this man somewhere before. I could not get past the familiarity I felt as soon as we met. I had dreams of him before but I always dismissed them as normal dreams, reflecting what had been on my mind that day. But I could not dismiss how similar the man standing in front of me looked to the image I had in my head of him all along.

He had told me roughly how old he was but when I looked into his face he appeared to be about my age…20 years less than his. A trait he attributed to the Dragons Tears system I was about to learn. As we sat in his living room he fixed me with an unbending gaze. I had seen those eyes before. Now I knew how the field mouse must feel when the in inescapable eye of the hawk in on him.

I felt as if every unnecessary facet of my person was going to be burned away under his stare. Eventually I relaxed and we began our session. Later in the afternoon, after we had covered a few of the movements and were resting, Lujan walked over to a small table a collection of fresh fruit. He pick up a pineapple and ask “Can you smell this?” I was across the room about ten feet away. I smelled the air and said “No”.

Lujan took the large fruit between his hands and lowered his head. “Here” he whispered almost imperceptibly and the scent of pineapple washed over my face. This was a telekinetic maneuver he explained. To want without wanting. Our conversations and practices continued for several more days.

At one point Lujan asked me to stand on the other side of the room again. This time he had me hold my hands at my sides. He held his in a similar fashion. He began to make small flicking movements with his hands by bending them at the wrists. Suddenly I felt what seemed like little taps on the palms of my hands. This he explained was a similar transfer like the fruit.

My time with the Nagual has again shifted the path in which I was on and I will follow his parting words… “Expect the Unexpected”

Georgia, USA