The heart of the Nagual Lujan is like an endless pond that reflected all my illusions. All the excuses and reasons I’ve used to shut my heart from showing real love to myself and to the world and so I blinded myself to my life.

It is Easter and all the biblical connotations have a more profound meaning. I pick up a newspaper and read: “As I your teacher have washed your feet, so now it is your turn to wash the feet of another.”

This week has shown me that I didn’t really know the meaning of being loving. To see truth I must be truthful. To love I must be empty of agendas. To learn I must be empty of myself and allow everything and everyone to be my teacher.

I struggled for days with the movements of Dragon’s Tears. I used every excuse and endless complacency as to why I couldn’t learn and the Nagual spoke to them at every turn. It was not until I took complete responsibility for my actions that my body was able to absorb the movements and they begun to sink in and flow. When I try to find the turning point all I remember is looking into the Nagual’s eyes and seeing all the illusions I’d been living under. My less than impeccable actions hurting my heart and others around me, each action a thorn digging deeper and deeper.

My daily practice of Dragon’s Tears strengthens my heart as I awake from my illusions. Tears of gratitude wash away compromise and remind me to be truthful and loving.

“To remind yourself, imagine a lotus flower in the palm of your hand,” said Lujan. I don’t remember the exact context of the conversation but that sentence means everything to me as it continues to yield more and more awareness. The challenges will come as such is this path. The shadow will try and try again. In my hand is the lotus, gently and lovingly reminding me to stand truthful, loving and resolute.

“ Give that which strengthens you, never that which compromises.”

The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception Lujan Matus.

New Zealand