The first day we sat down with Lujan he had us slightly re-arrange ourselves. Next, we sat down I sat opposite him. This position became the hot seat after hearing what Lujan -as the Mirror- had to say to me. In truth, it felt like sitting in front of an oven as the heat of his words pealed my skin back. I moved from surprise to shock, to a feeling of cognitive dissonance as I tried to process what it was I was hearing, because it was not making any sense; who the hell was he talking about!

I found myself shaking my head, trying to get the cobwebs out; closing my eyes trying to find some sort of anchor, as I had come adrift. This unhinging caused me to think I was losing my mind and if it were not for all the years of pacifying myself all the violence in me would have come to the fore unbridled.

Years before, I had made agreements not to cry again as it made me feel weak. Well, it wasn’t long before a welling tsunami wave heaved up in my chest and came rushing out of my eyes, wave after wave; all-the-while Lujan was telling me over and over again to look at him. I resisted at first, as I felt ashamed. Here I was facing the truth about a life of compromise and having to do it with two other strangers.

Although this was a true cathartic release there was also the face to face, that after the release the rest was violence and anger disguised. If I was an honest person I would have expressed this instead of disguising it. This is a strategy I learned from religion and the new age movement, which is to emasculate myself, make myself look weak, because, above all else, I am ‘not violent’.

In truth I am violent. Lujan stated that my energy was like a snake and moved slowly forward. This statement caused revulsion in me – it creeped me out. What a thing to face. Along with the revulsion came remorse for the ungodliness I practiced and the harm it caused to others.

I went to see Lujan for exactly this purpose – to face the truth of my compromise and I am very grateful to him. I saw the harm I was causing him just by been in his presence and learned that I need to learn to bring light to every situation. It doesn’t mean that said light is the fluffy new-age type but the light of truth.

The thing Lujan said that touched me deep in my heart was, “How do you know it will happen again.”? He was referring to a question I had asked about having my photoelectric energy ripped off of me every time I feel it starting to increase. I realized that living with more integrity and implementing the Windlock system this may truly never happen again.

The other and main reason I went to visit him was for Windlock. This I thought would be my amour; it would become my presence and fortitude.

The year previously, a few weeks after the day on the super full moon my photoelectric sheath had been ripped off and left me feeling very injured – I felt raped and pillaged. So to hear that there was no certainty that it would happen again gave me hope of a very special kind. Suddenly there was hope delivered by this man in front of me in the most unexpected manner. That feels like the light of the sun given to me by him.

After the sword of truth came the dove of hope. That dove flew straight into my heart and keeps flying as though it is still at the edges of the solar system and must reach the sun one day, which is now. Windlock I love.

Initially, it was difficult to complete whilst practicing alone whilst weaning myself from complacency. Although I am an active person over the years I had come to a point of not really pushing myself either because my body was feeling weak, an injury from the previous exercise session or a certain spark was only spluttering.

I needed and craved the heat of Boracay, which caused me to sweat most of the time – this invigorated my body. Although my body was stagnant from years of cold and lack of consistent sweating, and my emotional body just plain ‘switched off’, this heat caused a type of ignition.

Windlock is nothing short of Awesome. Do it and you will know the difference between weak and strong. It has only been a few weeks now and I absolutely feel this program’s immense potential. Despite being sick and not practicing for a week I feel this strength. It is odd; there is a feeling of weakness yet this strength is resting on and in me.

I have done years of the gym, and then years of slumming it, and then started doing gymnastic ring work, which brought immediate and stunning results until another injury. Since then everything has been faltering along. But Windlock has brought muscular results like no other.

The strength and power is been packed on, the muscles getting hard and I now have triceps development that is beyond anything managed before, and in such a short period of time. The feeling of inner strength is growing apace and I can only imagine what 6 or 12 month of this practice will bring.

Windlock is like a malleable shield that you pack onto your bones and muscles layer after layer, and as the layers increase, I imagine the inner ones getting denser. Soon I will be Windlock Awesome doesn’t cover it.

Love to Lujan. Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift.