By Phe, a member of the Parallel Perception Forum

Why do some of us here keep writing ‘read the third eye book‘ ?. Read it read it.. do the gazings, do it do it.

Honestly, why?

The process of gazing physically opens the eyes to seeing higher frequencies of light. Light contains information and is multi-dimensional. anchoring in the state of real-eye-sation, is connecting what one sees to the experience of realisation which is also connected to the seer’s voice of transmission.

Your speed of awareness is capable of becoming so fast that you are fully present in the now, and you aren’t always recapitulating your past in your present. You start to recapitulate your present in real-time. So you no longer carry a backlog of perception homework around with you, only to live a life of wishing -in retrospect – that you acted differently. This kind of life signals an enormous loss of energy.

What a species, to be dislodged from the time-space continuum like that. It is not our natural alignment though, and the real-eyes-ation of that is imperative, yet the correction of that is more than imperative… it is isness, being love.

Real time is where you are delivered to by reading and practicing what is in Awakening The Third Eye.

What I have seen many times now is that people come to this forum wanting to remember this state. They have much time to read the forum and post and start to experience a large boost in life moments that hint at the awakened third eye & heart’s voice.

All these boosted moments point towards recapitulating one’s life so that they may anchor in the natural state of realisation with their heart’s voice. Each time one experiences this boost, they glow and feel so grateful and connected and have the time to come and read more forum and post gratitude. They have also recapitulated some more true power & are experiencing energy return.

Some pick up the Third Eye book and nothing will stop them from reading it & doing the gazing sequences starting with the Mirror for 21 days. This process alone returns the energy required to comprehend the rest of the book and complete Series 1.

Some are skipping out, finding their gazing plants and setting up a space. What a joy it is to fall in love with your plants and journey with them. Those participants transform rapidly into butterflies of articulate perception. Seeing and realization becomes a normal state of being. there is no looking back or searching for answers.

What is curious is this – some of you have attempted to read Awakening the Third Eye, yet put it down because you do not yet have the speed of awareness to assimilate all that is contained in the transmission, so it feels intellectually confusing. You apply the energy you have regained to read the forum where you feel the energy signature of Lujan and those who are doing the practices.

You are here for the energy signature of that which you are delaying for yourself, and continue to express the desire to see, awaken, recapitulate more. There is nothing wrong with this, although the book is in your hands and the choice of how to apply the energy that gets boosted is important.

If you apply the energy that you have regained from your past, via the forum, towards maintaining the discipline required to read the book & do the practices, it will all come together for you – to the power of infinity. Read and practice what is in Series 1 Gazing -it will boost you so much more than you can imagine.

Remember this – it doesn’t actually matter if you think you have understood the page you just read. What matters is you will understand it later, yet your body and heart understand it now. Continue. If you always come up with reason why not to continue – think of the book as a course.
What is being revealed when you leave at lunchtime on the first day because you have not comprehended the whole course yet, are the elements of your shadow that will forever delay your full power if you let it.

All of us understand more and more each time we read and do the gazing sequences. Most are able to comprehend enough by the time they have completed Series 1 the first time. Your eyes, heart & body consciousness obtain the knowledge and it will the unfold and be presented to your mind in whatever way is perfect for your path.

It requires humbleness, patience, discipline and simplicity to work your way through Series 1 of the gazings, in order. Following the sequence in order without mind trips that you can skip something because blahblah – it’s like entering a password into your 3rd eye & Heart’s relationship. You don’t skip portions of a password, you enter it all, in sequence. and Ta Da!

Im pretty sure that everyone who has gone through the process completely at least once, could not place any of their procrastination thoughts, activities or reasons for delay into any true position above the practices themselves.

It’s like talking about exercising vs exercising. Which one is making you fitter?