When someone recounts that as a child of seven years old they were split into three energetic parts and raised in parallel dimensions, it’s not the kind of thing you hear every day. Yet such a proposition certainly piques the imagination. When that same person has access to knowledge on subjects that seem to come straight out of star trek and yet resonate as truth in every cell, you might start to pay closer attention. If this person can also accurately speak about what is deep within your heart within the first few moments of meeting you, without you having told him a thing about yourself, then you can’t help but wonder if the story about the split perception might not be as plausible an explanation as any for these unusual phenomena.

Lujan Matus is a highly charged yet profoundly calm individual with an unforgettable presence. As many have spoken about in detailed personal testimonials, his ability to penetrate to the heart of a person or situation, whether virtually, in the flesh, or even in dreaming, is more than uncanny. He also comes across as one of the most thoughtful and attentive people you have ever met. These character traits invite trust and immediacy, as nothing can be hidden from the nagual’s awareness. Although for some this can be alarming at first, the initial shock at being thoroughly seen tends to dissolve into intense relief at being compelled to let go of artifice, since it no longer serves any purpose. This letting go leaves space to address what is ‘of the essence’ for the individual or individuals present.

Lujan brings to life many principles that one may have previously considered esoteric, idealist or even mythical. A tangible sense of personal integrity comes through in his every gesture. In fact, he redefines the parameters of integrity to include every little detail of thought, action and energetic contribution.

One is directly impacted by Lujan’s deep reservoir of inner silence and by the expansive effect his company has on one’s own inner silence. As a visceral affair, it must be felt to be understood, and is not easily comparable to any other experience. It is as though after standing in a constant wind we have forgotten it is there, and when that wind stops we are suddenly delivered into a sense of peace and calm that we experience as unprecedented. Of course the wind is a metaphor for elements such as internal narrative, invasive intent, undercurrents and hidden agendas. When all this foreign matter simply is not there any more, the moment can be a blissful haven of limitless possibilities.

This alone is a precious teaching, educating the body to understand that an unencumbered intensity, when applied with non-interference, is in fact a far more natural state of affairs than what we are accustomed to experiencing and participating in, as ‘social’ creatures. To live this is one of the simplest and most wonderful things one can experience.

Essentially Lujan’s art is that he embodies human potential through personal application, thus creating a new reference point of possibility for others. His capacities go beyond previously defined parameters of human possibility and the cornerstones of his approach are kindness and honesty. Herein lies the key to the magnetic appeal of these teachings and the culture of care surrounding the global movement instigated by Lujan. Once you’ve felt it, anything less feels like a compromise and there is no turning back without awareness.

As a teacher, Lujan gives generously and unrelentingly of his attention. Without calculation or preconceived method he facilitates an awakened awareness of what we are living together. Through this unique exchange a release of the circumstance can take place, revealing portions of what is being communicated to us by infinity in that moment. As such, there is a sense of the impersonal about what happens. It is magical and not generated through the volition of an individual will but by the essence of that time itself. Coupled with that there is feeling of being intimately supported by Lujan, who is patiently waiting to interact with the real you. Thing is, he already is. Once this is realized, the process of accessing the real power of the moment becomes a matter of dropping any concept of the usual formality of having a barrier between what goes on inside your head and what you are presenting. You are basically transparent. We all have issues to resolve, some of which we may even be even ashamed of. The sooner we own up to where we really are within our journey of self realization, the sooner the healing will occur.

As a person who is looking to be more consistent and truthful, it’s a relief to know that hiding is not an option. Your immediacy is no longer being held prisoner through preoccupation with those parts of yourself you thought you had kept out of view. It is liberating to be free of the weight of both self judgment and external judgment and just get on with what needs to be done. It is not a quick fix but it does provide a new platform from which to bear witness to oneself and to find the impetus to move on with greater awareness. Just tasting this state has the potential to bring about exponential transformation on many levels.

Sometimes the impact of energetic pressure experienced in sessions with the nagual can provoke personal upheavals. This can be challenging to navigate, as the outcome is invariably a return to the uncorrupted self and the truth of one’s heart. Once through the storm (if there is one) we find ourselves left with a feeling of awe, lightness and profound gratitude. The beauty of a moment of freedom, where the heart is unencumbered by a need to hide, is breathtaking in its simplicity yet vast in its implications. The relief at being retrieved from the far shores of exile from your own truth is comparable to having your life saved.

Lujan conveys his knowledge in ways that can be easily assimilated by the one who is learning. The lessons continue to unfold in daily life and are myriad in their applications. Lujan Matus raises the tone, revealing an evolved premise to living and interacting to be not only necessary but utterly natural.

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