I recently attended a week of tuition with Lujan Matus learning the Windlock System. What’s most noticeable to me after practicing for a short time, is that each movement or each section of movements works on a specific area of the body, not just the upper body, arms, or core muscles, but it seems like also the inner organs.

Because of this, the series is very rejuvenating. When finished, I’m left with a very pleasant mix of feeling that I’ve worked hard but simultaneously being recuperated or physically restored.

After only a few days, I saw weight shift from my midsection to my upper body and arms, which is actually a bit surprising because I had already considered myself in very good shape and didn’t envision such a noticeable change in very short period of time. And the increase in strength is pretty amazing too.

Another direct result is that I’ve been able to experience more prolonged and sustainable periods of silence, both directly after and throughout the day.

The martial applications of the practices are also very apparent. When teaching, Lujan had pointed some of these out. He had mentioned that the Windlock movements are the basics for the more advanced Kung Fu techniques he may teach, and that the basics by themselves are very effective if they needed to be used in a combat situation.

Throughout the course of the week, Lujan had demonstrated some of the applications on the wooden dummy and taught the first section of this sequence. What he demonstrated has the elegance and flow of some of the other movements such as the Jaguar Series. It does not seem to resemble as much what I had seen from my prior limited exposure to another system, which in comparison the movements from this other system now seem somewhat incomplete.

On the last day, we reviewed the Three Treasures. Previously the practice had been very warm in the sense that I could feel my hands passing through warm pockets of energy outside my body. With the adjustments Lujan made, what felt warm is now close to hot. Lujan was able to guide me through two particular sets of movements that it took me a long time to pick up—thinking of my plans for returning the next day had brought up a gap in consciousness resulting from a number of situations I had been reluctantly participating in.

However, I’ve seen that after consistently practicing Windlock, it’s been difficult to keep up this behavior pattern. And along the same lines of very tangible electromagnetic energy, the day after Lujan instructed me on the beginning of Whispering Palms, I had practiced early in the morning. I felt afterwards that I was surrounded by a warm ball of energy. It was so apparent that I had stopped to go over to the electric switch thinking I had forgotten to turn on the fan, but I hadn’t and it had been running on high the whole time.

New Jersey, USA